Pink Family Foundation crowdfunding for unique Asian-Scandinavian Spa in Vietnam

July 21, 2014.   Mui Ne Vietnam – The Pink Spa plans to sell services not bodies in Vietnam.  This message is bold and clear from the video on their new Indiegogo campaign. The plan is to help young locals in Mui Ne, Vietnam, to have stable and sustainable jobs with an ethical employer – all while to while providing tourists a uniquely Vietnamese experience and some pampering when far from home.

Pink Family is a non-profit organization with 100% charitable goals. As a non-profit they intend to channel money to benefit both local people and local communities. Their concept and mission is: “To have happy employees and create meaning in their lives by providing fair employment with decent conditions through sound, ethical values.” This will be a tourist destination for an authentic Vietnamese experience delivering a unique “Asian-Scandinavian fusion” – with local flair.  The thirty-year old founder, Minna Tran has a strong Vietnamese heritage (both parents were born in Vietnam) but now calls Sweden home. On a recent trip to Vietnam she met several young girls employed in the spa industry. This led to deep friendships and a determination to provide these girls and others with a better way of life.

Her Pink Family Foundation’s vision is to use proceeds from customer sales to directly benefit the local people, economy, society and environment. All profits will remain in Vietnam.  She explains, “We are looking for individuals or companies that are willing to take a social responsibility, believe in our idea and make an immediate difference in people’s life. ….. Our spa and our employees will be ready and receive you with open arms when you chose to visit Mui Ne and Vietnam.” Following extensive research and meetings locally, the campaign goal set is $61,500 USD. This amount includes employee wages, uniforms, rent for the first year, renovation costs (e.g. fire safe room), and purchase of equipment and furniture. Your donations will help fund other start-up costs like Trademark protection, IT and marketing.

The Pink Family Foundation Spa is committed to being an ethical company that gives back locally and shows employees they are part of something remarkable. “This charitable initiative will create opportunities for the future of both individuals and their communities. As the founder explains “We are a charity with 100% of our profit going to our charitable objectives; we have no private owners. We hide nothing. Everything we do is done with transparency and openness.” 

No matter what amount you choose you’ll have the biggest perk of all: helping young people break the cycle of poverty.  Perks start at just one dollar. The first 50 donors (any amount) will have their name listed on the Pink Family Foundation’s Facebook page. Ms. Tran has taken big steps solo, and the wheels are in motion for a fall launch. Through this global Indiegogo crowdsourced funding campaign, many kind hearts globally will share her passion. Every donation helps improve the lives of many young Vietnamese people – giving life-skills and a better future.  

Individuals /companies looking for a uniquely global way to give back can choose their level of involvement. Donations of $1,500 – $3,699 receive a personalized thank you, and “I am a Pink Angel” campaign button. You also get your name/logo on the Foundation’s corporate website and a special board mounted onsite at the spa in Mui Ne.  For $7,500 you can fund the entire renovation. At $15,000 their top perk is the once-in-a-lifetime experience as the guest of honour cutting the pink ribbon at the opening in October.  Even if you can’t donate, share these links with everyone in your global networks.  For specific information their Mission, Vision and Values (MVV) see the Pink Family Foundation site.  

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PFF create meaning in other people’s lives by providing ethical employment with decent conditions.

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