ballot: The illuminated lightbox medium where every opinion fits

ballot, a Columbus, Ohio based business will welcome a new space for the expression of political, social, and culturally relevant content through the use of lightbox backed transparencies.

COLUMBUS, OH – 08 Feb, 2016 – Introducing ballot, an e-commerce marketplace that aims to empower its customers with accessible idea expression.

The ballot concept is an innovative twist on traditional campaign yard signs, which have a generic appearance and cannot be seen once the sun sets. ballot offers customers slim aluminum-framed lightboxes that can be fitted with unique interchangeable transparencies promoting a particular candidate or position. The lightboxes can be set on console tables at home and desks at the office, hung from any wall, or – as originally envisioned – hung from a window to show off your ideas after dark. Simply plug in, switch on, and shine a light on your opinions. ballot believes that freedom of self-expression and respectful communication are what makes democracy work, and so are pioneering this brand new concept of personal political signage. ballot measures success by the level to which individuals share their voices in their communities. Literally.

The 12”x12” lightbox is sold for $59 each and comes complete with a kit of specially-tested hanging supplies: a locking suction hook for windows, a large Command™ hook for walls, and a cup hook for window rails.  They draw very little power and are illuminated by LED bulbs, which are both efficient and long-lasting. The cool white light beautifully backlights each vivid and colorful transparency from the ever expanding library of graphics, quotes, cartoons, and political candidate endorsements.Transparencies are sold separately for $12 each. To switch transparencies is effortless and fast thanks to the four rare earth magnets set in each magnetized corner of the lightbox.   

ballot founder says, “We created the lightbox concept to provide a new medium for expression and ballot is not about simply displaying an idea but illuminating it.”

Visit to browse their catalog and make a purchase.

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