Cherrystone Auctions, philatelic auctioneers, are currently holding live auctions with a great selection. They have collections encompassing all parts of the globe. Their professional atmosphere guarantees both sellers and buyers quality, safety, and honesty.

Cherrystone Auctions are a company fulfilling all of their clients’ philatelic needs since 1967. They are family owned and have been since Paul Buchsbayew’s father started the business in observation of his philatelic interest. With over 50 years of experience, Cherrystone guarantees authenticity as well as value when it comes to the buying and selling of stamps and other philatelic pieces. Cherrystone Auctions feature live auctions with many collectible pieces guaranteed to catch the eye of a true philatelist. They also feature consignments for anyone looking to sell their pieces but don’t know much about the market. Cherrystone Auctions is the place to go when looking to grab a rare piece of history or get a piece into the market for sale.

Cherrystone Auctions feature live auctions on their website at There, any philatelist looking for new and interesting pieces for their collection can view and bid on pieces being auctioned by Cherrystone Auctions. Cherrystone currently has four separate auctions going on that interested philatelist are able to bid on. They consist of four different lots, containing stamps and collections from all parts of the globe. Lots 1-351 feature different pieces from United States, Albania, China, France and its colonies. Lots 352-713 features stamps from Germany, Great Britain, and British Commonwealth Aden through Malaysia. These two lots end Tuesday February 23rd. Lots 714-1060 feature stamps from British Commonwealth Malta through Zululand, Greece, Italy, Japan, and the Philippines. Lots 1061-1426 features stamps from Poland and Russia. This lot also features other large lots and collections. For these two groups of lots the bidding ends on the 24th of February. With pieces from around the world, Cherrystone Auctions’ collection is vast and kept in great condition.

Aside from having an expensive collection that’s kept in the best shape possible, Cherrystone Auctions also offers a consignment option for those wanting to sell their philatelic pieces but aren’t knowledgeable about the market or simply don’t want to put up with the hassle of selling. This option has been proven time and time again to be the best one for the seller. With Cherrystone hosting auctions both online and in person, the seller won’t have to do any shopping around but will still get competitive rates for their pieces. Cherrystone Auctions are licensed and bonded so that the client can be assured the greatest amount of protection. Their auctioneers are also trustworthy philatelist with a great amount of experience. When trusting the Cherrystone Auctions team with a consignment, the client will be getting an experienced team of auctioneers as well as a great customer base, ensuring that their piece will be sold in the quickest time at the highest bid possible.

Cherrystone Auctions have proven over the years that they offer a secure and professional environment for any philatelist that wants to bid on their next piece or to sell a piece at a great price.

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