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The Power of Pie!
Made from the freshest local ingredients from Lancaster County, Pa farms, The Pie King offers decadent, one-of-a-kind, homemade pies that you make hot and fresh in you own kitchen. With over 30 delicious varieties to tempt your taste buds, we have a pie for every occasion and every appetite. Each pie is baked from scratch using recipes perfected by owner Toby Simmons over 25 years of careful development and dedication. Just like the day itself the possibilities of flavors are endless.

Toby E. Simmons a baker from Charleston, South Carolina, started baking at a very young age sold his first pie at the age of 14 years old at a local side street fruit stand to a woman walking by, two weeks later the woman return and told him how much she enjoyed his apple pie she bought and she ask if he would never stop making it that way it was very delicious and at the age of 19 designed a custom made crust that has won the world over and to this day Toby buys fresh picked apples from local orchards, farm grown sweet potato from local farmers, bake with the purest richest ingredient, and now has taken his deep southern pie baking experience to the hills and deep valley of Pennsylvania a state know for growing fresh produce and now he is the proud owner of The Lancaster Pie King LLC wholesale pie bakery.

For many years he has dedicated his time and efforts in perfecting the perfect pie. His main success “The Crust” The Pie King has mastered the perfect crust, this crust will take the pies of the past and recreate them into the pies of the present future, making pies enjoyable for every pie lover worldwide. Pie King goal is to bring our delicious pies from our ovens to your dinner table. We want your dinner table to be our pie next home and with this goal in mind we have taken a few steps to assure this mission will come to pass, First we have increase our baking capacity with more space to add equipment to increase production as needed.

Second we have increase where our products are sold starting in 5 States, expanding into more states as time progresses. Thirdly we are increasing distribution capability nationwide increasing the number of distributors, this will increase the number of locations our pies are sold and the future success of the company in this industry. Toby Simmons understands that pies are loved by many but so few love to make them, but we do.

The Lancaster Pie King has 30 plus flavors these variety of flavors are the crowd favorite just to name a few try our signature Sweet Potato Pie, Sweet Potato w/Blueberry, Sweet Potato w/Peaches, Sweet Potato w/Apples, Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, Irish Cream Pecan Pie, Apple Cranberry w/Walnut Crust, Apple Blueberry Crumb Pie, and Apple Chocolate Bourbon Pie all baked in our golden delicious crust.

All of our pies are made with the purest freshest ingredients our quality is loved by many.

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