Why Choose a Non-Profit Adoption Agency over a Private Attorney

After giving birth, mother’s face new challenges financially, socially, physically, and emotionally.
When it comes to the transfer of parental rights from birth parents to adoptive parents, adoptive families and birth mothers have plenty of options.

Typically, the placement of the child for adoption can be facilitated through adoption agencies or through the services of an adoption lawyer. Experts advise birth mothers to choose a fully licensed, duly recognized non-profit adoption agency for the following reasons:

Agencies Prepare Birth Mothers For Their New Roles

Adoption agencies will prepare families and birth mothers psychologically, emotionally, and socially on their responsibilities related to the adoption processes through pre-adoption education programs. Agencies are staffed by social workers who are especially knowledgeable about and experienced with providing families and birth mothers with the appropriate skills training necessary to live their new lives after placement. After giving birth, mother’s face new challenges financially, socially, physically, and emotionally. Letting go of a child can be more challenging than they initially expected; but the support that an adoption agency can provide can make it an easier transition. Non-profit adoption agencies provide birth mothers with all the tools they will need in order to succeed in their life obligations after the adoption process.

Private adoption lawyers clearly are not in a position to help birth mothers to this extent or advise them on how to manage life. Furthermore, unless they have been through several adoption processes, they may not know how to choose or what to look for in an adoptive family. The adoption process is very personal and extremely sensitive. It takes time, energy, and can be highly stressful. Adoption agencies are experienced in the process and have staff that is trained and knowledgeable in how to select proper candidates that are suitable families for precious children.

Agencies Provide On-Going Support

If a birth mother thinks the role an adoption agency plays ends after she gives birth, she should think again! Non-profit agencies often provide extensive after-care for birth mothers to ensure comfort and support. Above all, adoption agencies can be relied upon to make sure that everything can be done so that both birth mother and baby are happiest and healthiest as possible.

Agencies Provide a Wider Range of Adoption Options

Adoption lawyers can only provide legal services for an adoption. Duly licensed and certified non-profit adoption agencies, on the other hand, can provide full-services for domestic adoptions, foster care adoptions, and some can even help with international adoptions. There are also adoption agencies that provide all three types of adoptions. This wider range of adoption options is simply a benefit for prospective adoptive families who may dream of including a culturally different child into their family.

The choice to place your child for adoption is difficult enough; knowing which type of adoption to choose should not be. Deciding to use a non-profit adoption agency is the better choice for birth mothers because it will make sure that they are comfortable with their decision, see them through the birthing process, and ensure that they are healthy, happy, and stable afterward. That kind of support is invaluable and cannot be found elsewhere. 

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