NY FashionWeek Show to Feature NY Repertory Ballet: Award winning Designer LdeSoleil, Park Ave – BEAUTY AND THE BOX

New York Fashion Week 2016/17

MANHATTAN, NY –  10 Feb, 2016 – LDeSoleils Art Meets Fashion show will have a huge suprise. Labeled “Beauty and the Box” the live art meets fashion Presentation of Nolah Elan’s Couture Brille’, Hand sewn Couture will feature an opening by New York Repertory Ballet Dancer Seira Kiyono. Known for her fresh and modern version of the labor intensive world of Haute Couture, LdeSoleil has steered Nolah Elan Park Ave towards an intimate, gallery styled showing with a few props and suprises  such as the stellar Seira Kiyono.

“Our Fashion is awarded as  art, and  so topping that off by the most artistic of models in Seiras level of Ballet, her excelling in her Artistry is an amazing collaboration,” says the designer.

“Beauty and the box is about freeing all of the dogmas of who the world tells us we should be. It’s specifically about using fashion as art to express ones self and think outside the box. As we at Nolah Elan think outside of the normal realm of what Haute Couture should be. Our lean towards embellishment and hand detailed patterns and  reflective light  using new technology is proving they are artistic, beautiful, and wearable. Park Ave Beauty in a Box Presentation featuring guest model  New York Repertory Ballet Dancer Seira Kiyono will commence 7:30-9:00pm

2.12.2016 – Time Hotel, LeGrande Salon

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