Weighted Jump Rope Golden Stallion Available at Amazon

Get in shape fast sculpt the upper body and have lots of fun with a weighted jump rope

MIDDLETOWN, DE – 12 Feb, 2016 – Calories melt away at an amazing rate using the high-quality Golden Stallion Jump Rope and integrated weights allow for upper body sculpting and toning.

The Golden Stallion jump rope is a supreme, high-quality product, perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Made from premium materials, this skipping rope is designed for those desiring intense cardiovascular workouts, and upper body strengthening and toning.

A professional jump rope with a luxurious feel 

Durable and luxurious, the Golden Stallion weighted jump rope exemplifies pure quality. Made with beautifully lacquered wooden handles, engraved with the Golden Stallion brand, and a 100% genuine leather cord, this jump rope typifies exceptional craftsmanship. Handles are hollow, to allow for insertion and removal of weights, and the 9ft leather cord is easy to adjust. The manufacturer provides an Allen Key for adjustments, and clear and concise instructions, with resizing details.

The Golden Stallion jump rope comes with a zip lock bag, to keep the product in pristine condition. It is robust and durable, although manufacturers advise users avoid skipping on concrete and tarmac surfaces. Yoga mats are suggested if skipping on hardwood floors, so the leather cord retains its quality. The rope can be cleaned with saddle soap, and treated with specialised oils, to maintain its supple, and luxurious feel.

Increase the speed and build strength with Golden Stallion jump rope 

Jump rope workouts have long been a favourite activity for athletes and fitness fanatics. This comes as no surprise, as 10 minutes of skipping, equals a 30-minute jog. Jump rope workouts can be incorporated into Crossfit Training, and little space is needed to engage in this activity. There are various types of ropes on the market. Some are suitable for beginners, others develop speed, and some ropes are specifically used in competitions. The Golden Stallion jump rope is made for users wanting to increase endurance levels, improve footwork, agility and speed, and build upon upper body strength. Overhead athletes can greatly benefit from working out with weighted jump ropes, as this fitness tool helps to develop shoulder and upper arm muscles.

Novices to jump rope workouts should practice with lightweight speed ropes, and then gradually move on to the Golden Stallion weighted rope once technique, agility and endurance are fine tuned. If upper body strength is already established, the Golden Stallion jump rope can help to improve, and maintain muscular conditioning. Weights are removable, which allows users to graduate to more intense workouts, with heavier ones, as strength increases. The leather cord is adjustable too, and ball bearings, integrated into the handles, make sure each rotation is smooth, and fluid.  

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