Brand-New “Win Your Divorce” Book Offers Unique Step-by-Step Guide to Friendly Divorce

FRESNO, CA – 12 Feb, 2016 – In contrast to the way divorce is often portrayed on TV or in the movies, divorce and legal separation can be both friendly and fruitful for all parties involved. In a just-published book, “Win Your Divorce: Financially, Emotionally & Socially,” highly sought-after divorce mediator Rick D. Banks offers his top secrets for resolving conflicts, saving on expensive court costs and creating satisfactory custody arrangements for anyone going through a divorce.

“Win Your Divorce” was designed to help people negotiate the legal and emotional issues linked to divorce, safeguard finances and complete the entire process in record time – saving time, court costs and heartache. 

“Many people think that a friendly divorce is next to impossible, but this book educates readers on the most effective strategies for an amicable and satisfying divorce, and truly helps them prepare for it emotionally, socially and financially,” Banks said. “A friendly divorce can save time, money and frustration for everyone involved and help people get through the divorce and get on with their lives.”

Topics included in “Win Your Divorce” include:

• The choice between legal separation and divorce
• Helping children cope with divorce as well as child custody issues
• Emotionally preparing for a divorce and strategies for managing anger and other emotions
• Common myths about divorce and money
• Dealing with divorce documents
• The benefits of a friendly divorce
And much more

This book “includes some of the most important advice you will ever receive to help you experience a healthy and happy divorce. Read it and heed it, and enjoy finding your way back to joy,” added Peggy McColl, a New York Times bestselling author.

About “Win Your Divorce” and Author Rick D. Banks

“Win Your Divorce” is now available online at Author Rick D. Banks is a nationally recognized divorce attorney and mediator and a member of the California Bar Association, Fresno County Bar Association, Los Angeles Bar Association, Consumer Attorneys of California and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

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