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12 Feb, 2016 – It is not just a fancy name that begets a sought after identity, that only comes into existence when one devotes oneself to seeking perfection in craft. A design that signifies its solid standing throughout the years is worthy of being called contemporary.

The truth about contemporary structures or artwork is that they have an amazing ability to get ahold of ones being and bring it into the present making one realize the spaces between the ticking seconds on the clock. One is aware of evolving thoughts in the scales of space and time. They often take new shape combining thoughts both old and renewed, regarding a sense of belonging associated with a certain color of the walls or hints of details within the way the furniture was selected.

The thoughts take one into the fresh air surrounding the piazzas in Rome or the Mediterranean Sea, for some it travels upwards to beautiful Paris with lovers not stopping to be together along the way or the travelling troupes in the festivals of Spain. Travelling at the speed of thought relishing the delight of hard earned labor, in the comfort of one’s own home.

When we say we bring a little bit of everything from the entire continent of Europe that is sure to take you along with it on a train of memories. We mean to show you our exquisite range of items that fulfills our claim.

Every Meal Made Italian Delicacy

Our exquisite dining range allows you to be lost forever in the unending maze of beauty that the best craft that Italian culture offers. Our designer range in this section label the fine dining range under Pianca, Antonello, Reflex, Neolitico, Monolite, Bontempi and many more to offer an exquisite and rich experience of savoring the taste of your fine gourmet meals around the straits of Mediterranean or the Riviera.

The French Connection

Our designers couldn’t help but pay homage to the Museums serving to the taste and aesthetic delight for all those yearning to come close to Modern Art offered in the city of love, Paris. We classify this collection of deluxe seating as Nubia, Venere, Kartell Louis and Bonaldo. A design where comfort meets with a penchant for beauty; leaving the distance between the two never that far apart.


A hip happening among trendsetters and prior choice of famed interior and furniture designers hailing all across Europe, sideboards are in style every season due to their ability to contain and take up an innocent amount of space and suit to varied needs. The styles are divided into Pixel Credenza, Alivar, Armobil, Tonin Casa, Ara Classico, Senso, Ara Nero, Corano, Domus Arte, Miniforms one of many along with the classic Credenza to be the delight of your home.

Bringing a little of every European enchantment is iQMatics’ action oriented belief. Logging in onto our webstore will provide an insight how we do that, it is definitely your online resource to make a stop. Reaching out to us at 1.866.988.9875 will enable us to understand your valuable concerns better for our designers aim to bring out only the best to suit your mood.

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