Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka Should be the Drink for Any Occasion

For five generations, we have put our love and dedication into growing one of the most
nutritious vegetables in the world – the sweet potato. Now we’re taking this tradition to
exciting new places. We are proud to introduce Corbin Vodka, an award-winning new spirit
made from our very best sweet potatoes. – The Souza Family
Who would have thought that sweet potatoes can be turned into a vodka?

Known around the world as distinctly Russian and made primarily from the distillation of fermented potatoes with a rating of 80 proof or 40 percent alcohol by volume, vodka is one of the few alcoholic beverages that are best downed neat. However, the Souza family in the San Joaquin Valley in California has just introduced to the world their version of the famed vodka, primarily composed of single-distilled fermented sweet potatoes.

Dubbed as a richer, fuller variant of the Russian and Polish vodka, the Corbin Sweet Potato vodka is best described as caramel-y and nutty. The best part is that it does provide one unique benefit – it is a healthier alcoholic beverage owing to the fact that it is grain- and gluten- free. Additionally, the sugars contained in sweet potatoes are quite difficult to process by the human body. This translates to a gently sloping increase in blood sugar levels, allowing the body to take in and process the sugar with raw efficiency.

Nonetheless, the unique advantage of sweet potatoes on blood glucose elevations is also one of its inherent challenges in the fermentation process. Because of the hardiness of sweet potato sugar molecules, ordinary yeast cannot break them down either. As such, you will need around 25 pounds of sweet potatoes in order to produce a single 750-mL bottle of Corbin. With due diligence, David Souza finally found one particular enzyme that can hasten the fermentation process. Now, the Sweet Potato Spirits, established as a distillery in 2010, only requires 10 to 15 pounds of sweet potatoes to create a masterpiece of a vodka bottle.

Adding the Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka to your classic coffee liqueur and cream will make for an interesting take of an Americanized version of White Russian. Or simply adding it to your cocktails, fruit punches, and other drinks can really make for an exciting and truly pleasant experience. The nose is often filled with the sweetness of sweet potatoes bathed in floral scents. The palate is washed with earthy and nutty tones and finished sweet with hints of caramel – perfect for any social gathering.

While the Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka is relatively new in the market, it is nonetheless fast gaining recognition as one of the best single-distilled beverages to come out this side of the world.  The next time you are celebrating something, get the 750-mL bottle of Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka and whip up some spirits creations of your own.

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