Author Tammy Ferebee’s new book ‘Outsiders’ receives good response from the readers

Science Fiction novels have always engaged the interest of many readers as they take them into worlds beyond their imaginations and daily lives. “Outsiders” is one such book as it tells the story of mystical characters who live here in this world, though they know they are from some other, unknown place. The book, authored by Tammy Ferebee, was launched in September of last year and has received good feedback from readers.

Focusing on the central character of the story, and the author’s choice of roles given to that character, one readermentions on Amazon, “I love that the author wasn’t afraid to make her character different. Jaylen is an atheist and I think it’s fantastic to see that in a YA book. Most people skip that or just don’t mention religion but this author put it right there for everyone to see. So if you don’t like that, don’t read. But you’ll be missing out. Not everyone is a Christian and it’s so wonderful to see diversity!”

An excerpt from the story talks about the main character, Jaylen Hayes, who as a teenager realizes that she’s different from other girls of her age. She is extraordinarily intelligent, powerful, and hated by the wild animals. She discovers more about herself when she transfers to Trinity High, and gets to know the truth about who and what she really is.

When Jaylen comes across two people, the intense and passionate Indigo and the charismatic and gorgeous Michael, her life immediately changes. To her shock, she learns about their shared heritage and bloodline. But she soon realizes that her newfound comfort isn’t permanent when a trusted friend turns into a dangerous, unpredictable enemy.

The book, as it sounds like, explores the contemporary genre with a hint of science fiction. The diverse characters in the book engage the interest of readers and seem relatable to them on many levels. The captivating storyline, and the way the characters are projected, draw the attention and curiosity of the readers.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback format.

About the Author

Tammy Ferebee developed an interest in writing at a very young age and turned it into a profession after she graduated from college. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her two children.

She enjoys reading, and holds a deep passion for writing. Apart from writing fiction stories, she also enjoys going on road trips, fishing, dancing and watching re-run episodes of her favorite television shows.

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