GrinderLand™ Launched Their All New Portable Coffee Grinder for True Coffee Lovers

Providing a highly effective and top quality product for coffee lovers to perfectly grind their coffee beans and have the true taste of fresh coffee, even when they are on a move, GrinderLand™ have launched their high quality, extremely durable and portable coffee grinder.

15 Feb, 2016 – Coffee tastes best when served fresh and coffee lovers know it. The aroma of fresh ground coffee beans is too much to resist. There are many electric coffee grinders in market but still coffee lovers aren’t much satisfied with them, reason being, they are bulky, noisy and can result in burnt coffee beans.

For travelers or trekkers, it is almost impossible to include them in the list of material they will be carrying. Thus, they miss the coffee. GrinderLand™ has come up with a perfect solution to coffee lovers’ every problem as they launched their new, manual and portable stainless steel coffee grinder for the coffee lovers.

“We know that coffee lovers like the freshly served coffee, prepared from perfectly ground beans. The travel lovers, trekkers and campers love to have their cup of coffee outdoors. Thus, we have presented our portable coffee grinder which is a perfect product for every coffee fan,” the makers said.

It is true though that while camping, trekking, travelling or on the move, one needs to have a coffee grinder which is light to carry and compact in size so that it doesn’t add much to the weight and space. Further, it needs to be highly durable, as there are high chances of breakage on such adventures. Unfortunately, not many coffee grinders fulfill all these requirements in addition to grinding coffee beans perfectly.

But as reported, premium stainless steel coffee grinder from GrinderLand™ is extremely light weighing just 10.7 ounces. It has a hand crank and a steel spoon with clip. For better performance, it’s equipped with sharp ceramic burrs which allow perfect and consistent grinding.  The company representatives told, “Our designers have made sure to present a perfectly portable coffee grinder and thus specifically designed this light and thin product that fits perfectly in hands.”

The grinder has a capacity of 6 tablespoons of coffee. With a wooden cleaning brush, its maintenance has been simplified. Use of high quality stainless steel ensures the impressive durability of the product. A compact, light, easy to use product with a strong stainless steel body, it can be the best portable coffee grinder in the market. And users’ warm feedbacks are indicating the same.

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