SiliBake Brings Innovative Kitchenware to Amazon Europe

15 Feb, 2016 – SiliBake, the company known for creative innovations in kitchenware and cooking tools, is proud to announce an expansion of sales to Amazon Europe. This move comes on the heels of a successful year and is the hallmark of company growth, bringing innovation to kitchens across the globe.

In addition to the United States, SiliBake products will now be sold in the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Italy, and Spain through Amazon sites in those countries. This move will allow the customer-focused company to deliver delight to bakers, young and old, in many new areas around the world.

“We are so excited about the prospect of bringing SiliBake products into homes around the world,” says Hayden Monroe, a member of the SiliBake sales team. “Our customers love what silicone kitchenware is doing for them, so it’s a great feeling to be able to bring that to so many others.”

And what she says is true. The company’s signature product, the SiliBake pastry mat, was designed around customer feedback, but the focus on what the customer needed didn’t stop there. The mat was tweaked, and is now the result of intuitive design and the implementation of real-world user feedback, a result that is truly a winning innovation.

“We’re growing, changing, but only for the better,” explains Monroe. “There’s new places to go now, and with that will come more learning, and more changes. Ultimately, it will only result in better products and happier customers.”

For the customer-focused company, that’s the endgame according to Monroe.

“At the end of the day, happy customers is our reason for doing what we do.”

The expansion is due to increased sales throughout 2015. The company has also worked to design and develop even more silicone based kitchen products so that there are answers to any baker’s need. 2016 promises to show customers even more options too. It’s something that current fans and future international fans can really look forward to.

To celebrate the expansion, SiliBake is offering their full line of silicone kitchenware products on Amazon, as well as on Amazon country sites in the countries the expansion covers.  

Learn more about SiliBake, or their latest products, by visiting their website.

About SiliBake:

Silibake is an innovative smaller company which designs and develops new products for the kitchen. By incorporating silicone, SiliBake has taken the troubles associated with baking and turned the entire process into a true joy. Customer-focused, SiliBake continues to be a well loved name in the kitchen.

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