Marketing Grin – Social Media and SEO Should be Working in Partnership

An effective digital marketing strategy will include both social media and search engine optimisation as well as of digital channels and they will be working together in harmony.

Digital marketing is quickly becoming a must for businesses with a huge amount of business to be had online. The industry has grown roughly 40% year on year for the last 5 years and has significantly out done traditional marketing growth levels with no signs of slowing down as the report by the Digital Agency Network shows.

The days of being able to rely on search engine optimisation only to generate traffic are behind us. The digital world is ever evolving and now an effective digital marketing strategy will include a multitude of digital channels. The best channels depend on your industry, business and what you are trying to achieve.

Jack Willis from Marketing Grin, a social media agency in Essex, explains: “Pure SEO is becoming less effective as search engines try to crack down on companies ‘gaming’ the system. The industry has moved towards utilising effective content marketing which is then promoted using social media, social advertising and biddable media. By combining the digital channels together you can achieve a highly effective digital campaign that increases reach, boosts brand awareness and increases confidence in your brand which in turn leads to improved sales.”

Mr. Willis went on to say “Social media is a fantastic way of engaging with prospects and clients. While social media has improved communication in many respects, there are now more companies with no face to face presence and as such, client relationships have suffered in some circumstances. You can bridge that gap by staying social and having a presence on the popular social networks.”

“A great social campaign though goes beyond day to day administration of the popular social media networks and should play a big part in your content marketing strategy. Social media is a great way of supercharging content and improving readership. If the content is good and is put out to the right audience, people will share it online helping you to build links to your website which will improve your organic search rankings. This will lead to further qualified traffic to your site and improved readership.”

Marketing Grin is a full service digital marketing agency in Essex and works with a variety of different business in a broad range of industries, having a mixture of B2B and B2C clients. Marketing Grin’s focus is to increase reach, improve engagement and to convert prospects into long-standing, loyal customers and achieve this using an effective blend of digital marketing channels.

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