Author Lillie Cawthorn Gives Back With Charitable Donations

Lillie Cawthorn, author of The Money Factory, has been giving back to her community in the wake of the success of her book and the accolades she has received. To help those in need, she has donated a portion of the book sales to charity.

Lillie Cawthorn’s new book The Money Factory has been hailed by critics as one of the best new works to come out of the industrial real estate investment consulting field in years. The Money Factory is called “the first book in Australia to teach women of all ages and backgrounds about the little-known industrial property investment opportunity.” Appearing in November 2015, the book immediately became a widely-acclaimed bestseller.

Lillie Cawthorn became a part of an international buzz being featured most notably, in a TV interview on Sky TV:, as well as a Radio interview on Let’s Talk Real Estate with Kevin Turner 4BC radio, and several feature articles on top Real Estate related publications, Commercial Real Estate, online Investment Property Magazine, and The author has donated a portion of all proceeds from the sale of the book to WOW – Wave of Wisdom – a support network for women

The Money Factory aims to replace trepidation and confusion with knowledge and understanding. It offers a step-by-step guide to making an extra $30,000 to $100,000 in passive income by investing in factories and warehouses. These domains have traditionally be dominated by men. With this book, women can also begin to take advantage of this ripe investment field.

The book shows women and other investors how to overcome fear and confusing about investing in industrial real estate, as well as how to overcome lack of know-how on income management received from investments and how to understand optimum investment management in all market situations. The Money Factor offers practical strategies to create a budget and investment goals, to optimally finance investments, and to understand what to look for in an industrial building when purchasing. The book also offers valuable insight on structuring tenant leases for investment success, selecting the right asset managers and using the strategies implement by successful investors to grow wealth.

According to the author, “The Money Factory demystifies a little-known industrial real estate investment opportunity. If you want to earn more than twice the traditional investment return on residential real estate, read this book!” 

The author, during this limited time offer, is also offering a free copy of The Money Factory at her website,

For more information, visit the site and request a free copy of the book.

About Lillie Cawthorn:

Lillie Cawthorn is a respected investor, entrepreneur, author and speaker. Her latest book, The Money Factory, not only garnered media praise and bestseller status but benefitted her community when she gave a portion of all the proceeds for the book back to her preferred ‘Not For Profit’ organisation, WOW- Wave of Wisdom – a support network for women.

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