Los Angeles Champion Roofing Contractors Begins an Educational Campaign on Metal Roofing

Company Launches New Marketing Campaign About the Advantages of Metal Roofing

Los Angeles, CA – Champion Roofing, a roofing contracting company based out of Hollywood, has started to launch a new marketing campaign to educate consumers on the advantages of metal roofing. The company markets itself as the affordable Los Angeles Roofing contractors for customers shopping for a new roof in the Los Angeles area. The marketing campaign hopes to create buzz around their specialization with metal roofing and discuss the advantages of metal roofing over traditional roofing systems.

“The fact is, metal roofing lasts,” said Yvette Donaldson, the founder and current owner of Champion Roofing. “Most roofs that are made of wood or your run of the mill shingle setup just cannot compete in terms of life expectancy. You might get twenty years out of a normal roof, but a metal roof can last up to two to three generations not just two decades. It is way cheaper and when you have an outfit like us that offers professional commercial roofing solutions in Los Angeles, you got a win-win. That is exactly what we are going to be communicating in our new campaign.”

The company has over a decade of experience with their combined team and look forward to pushing out their new educational marketing message to their target market. While the company is targeting commercial property owners, they also assist residential owners in refurbishing their house with a metal roof over the traditional, more costly roofing systems that most houses come equipped with.

The company states that not only will their marketing provide education to the end consumers that are often unaware of the benefits of metal roofing, but it will also show their target market that they are the major player when it comes to roofing. When it comes to residential properties, the contractor firm is hoping to show homeowners that they can have both high quality professionals and affordable roof repair in Los Angeles.

The campaign is set to launch with various forms of media, mainly through a digital advertising push that will include content marketing, social media promotion, and leading with a high value proposition. 

The hope is that by leading through valuable education on metal roofing, they will be able to land more contracts and be seen as the go to roofing solutions provider for the greater Los Angeles area.

To learn more about Champion Roofing’s services you can follow this link to their website: http://www.championroofinglosangeles.com

About Champion Roofing

Champion Roofing is a Los Angeles based roof repair and metal roof installation contractor firm that specializes in commercial solutions. The company has a decade of combined experience and have positioned themselves to be an educator in the market. Currently, the company is owned and operated by Yvette Donaldson who founded the company specifically with a vision of education versus just normal run of the mill marketing that many other contractors use in their business.

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