SunPower Solar Panels are the Most Efficient Solar Panels Available Today

At Sun Solar Energy Solutions, we pride ourselves on our high quality installations, our attention to detail, and our service-oriented business model. Our certified staff has years of experience in designing high quality residential solar projects and commercial solar energy systems.

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Sun Solar Energy Solutions has just found a gem in its dealership.

Sun Solar Energy Solutions is more than proud to be an elite dealer of SunPower’s X-series solar panels.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has just confirmed the energy efficiency of SunPower’s solar panels in a series of rigorous testing at the NREL’s Golden, CO testing facilities. With an energy efficiency rating at 22.8 percent, SunPower’s solar panels have become the world’s most efficient solar panels available in the renewable energy market today.

The achievement was lauded by industry experts as well as advocates of green technology and solar energy as a significant milestone in the continuing search for highly innovative and truly meaningful renewable energy technologies. Considered by its management as a culmination of more than a quarter of a century of dedicated meticulous research and testing, SunPower’s solar panels are now geared for more extensive use in American homes.

Being the dealer of SunPower’s X-series solar panels in Anaheim, Bakersfield, Fresno, and Visalia in California, Sun Solar Energy Solutions is now aiming to expand its coverage to other key cities in the Pacific coast in order to allow residents and commercial establishments to take full advantage of the unique benefits of the X-series solar panels of SunPower.

The high-energy efficiency rating of SunPower’s X-21 simply means that 22.8 percent of solar power is absorbed by the panels. This translates to converted electricity. Simply put, the more sunlight is absorbed by the panels, the greater is the amount of electricity generated. Most conventional solar panels available in the market today are only rated at 15 to 18 percent, 4.8 to 7.8 percentage points less efficient than the solar panels from SunPower.

SunPower’s engineers say that the design technology of their X-series solar panels are unlike conventional solar panels. Instead of metal ribbons creating the backbone of the solar panels, copper backings provide the foundation for their Maxeon solar cells. This translates to better resistance against harsh environmental conditions as well as moisture buildup and the resulting corrosion. One solar panels Bakersfield user commented that SunPower’s X-21 is unique in that it seamlessly blends with the natural aesthetics of their house. This is one of the inherent features of the Maxeon solar cells that make up the X-series of solar panels.

Sun Solar Energy Solutions executives said that now that SunPower’s solar panels has been established as the most energy efficient in the world, residents and commercial establishments can optimize on their energy savings by investing in solar-powered renewable energy solutions. With up to 30 percent in tax credits for solar panel usage plus additional cash rebates from California’s solar initiatives, having a SunPower solar panels installed in one’s property can literally save money for other purposes.

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