Simple Capacity Announces Traffic Milestone With Over 50,000 Unique Users Per Day

Simple Capacity offers inspirational stories that aims to help people become superhuman, and has now attracted extraordinary traffic figures thanks to their commitment to self-improvement.

Mastery is a curiously human obsession. Whether in the arts, the sciences or in simple, personal philosophy, human beings have an innate drive to achieve mastery over the world, their actions and their thoughts. The world places ample challenges in everyone’s journey toward mastery, and overcoming them requires motivation. Simple Capacity is an online resource center committed to sharing examples of those who have overcome extraordinary obstacles and have achieved extraordinary things, in order to inspire others to do the same. They have just reached incredible an 50,000 users visiting the site per day.

The site is run by a team of 3 people who have run motivational sites in the past, and have now joined forces to create the ultimate resource. Their decision has been rewarded with amazing traffic from people looking to make their lives better with a healthy dose of reality, science and spirituality.

The stories on the site range in topics and themes, from ways to improve motivation and manage mental health challenges to new self improvement products like tooth paste that can help actively repair tooth cavities. All the items are unified by a single, simple theme: positive optimism about the potential of the human spirit. This is perhaps the single most important reason for the extraordinary traffic the site has been achieving.

A spokesperson for Simple Capacity explained, “We celebrated when we first gained 50,000 unique users a month, and before we knew it, the traffic began to increase exponentially and more and more people became part of our audience. Now, we are celebrating 50,000 unique users a day reading our content, which has been a hugely encouraging and exciting reality to wake up to. It has certainly helped us redouble our commitment to bringing people the best stories on the web about the miracle of human potential. We can’t wait to see how numbers develop throughout 2016.”

About Simple Capacity:

Simple Capacity is an online resource center committed to helping people make their lives better and live every day to its fullest. The website regularly updates with wonderful examples of self-actualisation, inspiration and motivation for individuals to become their best selves. Simple Capacity is run by a committed team of editors, writers and researchers.

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