Proficient City released smart skills to help newbie to upgrade faster in Ork Buster

As an Ork Buster Newbie, your first target should be to Upgrade yourself as fast as possible. Because higher level players will be able to challenge more Checkpoints and Monsters. And how can you Upgrade very fast?

Ork Buster Feature: Main Quests

Recommendation: ★★★★★

At the beginning you should complete all the Main Quests. This way you’ll receive a lot of EXP which will help you upgrade.

Ork Buster Feature: Hero Dungeon and Team Dungeon

Recommendation: ★★★★

After playing the game for a while, you’ll be able to unlock Hero Dungeons and Team Dungeons. Both of them can be challenged many times without consuming any Torch and can bring you lots of EXP. However, clearing them by yourself would be very difficult. Invite your friends to fight with you and receive bonus EXP.

FOrk Buster eature: Solo Dungeon

Recommendation: ★★★

Clearing Solo Dungeons would be easier than clearing Hero or Team ones. But you’ll receive less EXP. Solo Dungeons can be Blitzed if you have cleared it with an S evaluation. Each Blitz will last 5 minutes. VIP players can finish it immediately.

Ork Buster Feature: Server – Opening Events – New Journey

Recommendation: ★★

There will be many server-opening events in new servers. Take part in one of the events – New Journey and you will receive lots of EXP. (Reach the required Level and claim rewards in the event interface.)

Ork Buster Feature: Skill

Recommendation: ★★★★★

There are many checkpoints in Ork Buster, including single player and team checkpoints. A solid strategy is essential to easily clear checkpoints of any kind. To create a solid strategy a good understanding of this game is needed.

How to Upgrade in Ork Buster - Features For You

Map Skills


The Fireball Skill can help you defeat a group of monsters that crossed your defense line. The Fireballs will land seconds after you clock on the skill. Remember to release the skill on advance. The Fireball Skill has a long Cooldown time.

Militia Support:

Besides building Barracks, using the Militia Support Skill is the most effective way to stop your enemies. The Militia Support Skill has short Cooldown time. You can use it frequently to help your Defense Towers deal more damage to enemies.


The Sunlight Skill can break the monsters’ PDEF and MDEF and deal special damage to monsters. Use the Skill to defeat those monsters that are difficult to be defeated with Defense Towers. But if a monster breaks your defense line, use the Sunlight Skill to stop it without hesitation!

We hope these strategies can help you master the game.Upgrading you skills and shortening each checkpoint’s challenge time can help you level up within a short time. Have fun in Ork Buster!

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