RiskMap Intelligence Launches Free Customisable Global Risk Identification Tool Online for Business Travellers, Security Professionals and Tourists

Cardiff, UK – RiskMap Intelligence Ltd have launched a new online map based tool to quickly assess risks around the globe.  RiskMap.com is a new way of reading news, or staying safe on the move.  This customisable tool focuses on key risks happening in real time, or during a time scale of your choosing.  

Whether you are concerned about security, health or migration risks on land or sea, this free to use service helps update you on what to look out for at a glance.  Colour coding of countries help you identify riskier areas to travel to. Information is totally up to the minute, as the software behind it processes thousands of articles every minute, based on a range of categories.

The Cardiff based team who produced this vital risk assessment too are determined it will always remain free for anyone to use.  Still in its current BETA format, the designers promise more great functions to come soon.  Nevertheless, existing basic easy to use functions include:

Their global map provides instant insight into cities, ports, regions and countries of interest to your business, security teams, or your family with whom you are travelling.  A clickable dot on the map represents a specific event or risk.  Risk Map categorizes threats to safety across key risk areas, including but not exclusive too: security, health and immigration.

You can choose what risks you want to see displayed on the map by simply clicking on “settings” to add or remove different types of events and over your chosen timescale, running from one day to a month.

Founder of Risk Map Mr Jacobsson says of this vital business tool:  “We originally built this system for the shipping industry, so it can include ports around the world.  Built for our shipping clients in a sister company, our colleagues found it to be an easy way to get important information quickly. Seeing its value, we wanted to share it with other businesses.  We have plans to increase its sophistication in future too, so welcome businesses getting in touch with their suggestions and feedback, as it’s still in development.

This system is unique in being fully automated; it evaluates if a risk is worth adding from scanning around 10,000 articles online daily; then RiskMap’s software classifies the risk before mapping it, with a description of the risk that appears on clicking on dots on the map.

Future versions will show more detail, including resources in different locations, such as airport information, arrivals and departures, more port information, maritime piracy, maritime navigational hazards and much more.

RiskMap Intelligence Ltd is a subsidiary of The Marshals Group PLC (TMG) who focuses on investing in and developing businesses in the security industry who operate in complex environments. 

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