Credit Card Info Launches New Credit and Finance Directory To Help People Lower Repayments is now helping people lower their interest and repayment rates by nurturing their credit score, with a new database of invaluable financial advice curated from around the web.

Credit cards are a necessary evil for many people, who lack the capital to invest in essentials like housing, cars and luxuries like holidays without getting a credit injection to cover the cost and repaying it incrementally. That said, in the right hands, credit cards can become a huge asset, and using them intelligently can result in amazing credit score with lower repayments. Credit Card Info helps people find the best available deals from suppliers, and is now offering a guided tour of the web’s best advice on nurturing credit scores in a new section.

The new section of the website, called the Credit and Finance Directory, brings together amazing advice and insight from around the web that can help people take actionable steps to improving their credit score. The editorials are broken down into three categories, representing steps users can take: Ask an Expert, Free Credit Report, Get Approved.

The articles help people increase their financial reputation, nurture their credit score and get the kind of credit advice normally only shared by experts behind closed doors. The result is an increasingly invaluable collection that augment’s the sites regular updates on the best possible information.

A spokesperson for CreditCard.Info explained, “Credit Card Info has spent years reviewing and recommending the best credit card deals available, but getting the best deal is only half the story, and neglects all the amazing things that people can do proactively to improve their credit score and then have lenders competing to offer them the most preferential rates possible. This new section is designed to help people find the best financial advice available on the web, as we plan to introduce our own insights and editorials into the mix, to contribute to the ongoing conversation about perfecting credit.”

About Credit Card Info: Credit Card Info is the leading online resource for credit and finance advice for consumers and businesses alike. Readers are also plugged into the latest and greatest rebate and reward schemes together with information on deals on purchases and balance transfers. The site is regularly updated by a committed team passionate about saving people money. For more information please visit:

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