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A new technology site has launched that plans to offer readers insight into the latest technology gadgets from a staff of talented, experienced writers and a curated collection of guest posts., which began publishing on Feb. 12, covers computing, tech gadgets, the automotive sector and other relevant topics. It also offers reviews of products and how-to content designed to make readers into technology experts.

“We’re going to be covering the latest trends, offering comparisons of competing technology and more,” a spokesperson said. “We have a team of talented, unbiased writers with experience covering all aspects of technology, and we’re also allowing guest posts from writers who want to increase their reach.”

The site has an open submission process for guest posts, but will only publish those that meet strict editorial standards, the spokesperson said. The posts must be 100 percent unique, well-written and not machine-created or promotional.

“We’re not looking for quantity,” the spokesperson said. “We’re only interested in quality, and we know our readers feel the same way.”

The site’s first post was a look at a settlement that ride-sharing company Uber agreed to in February. The company entered into a $28.5 million over its so-called “safe ride” fee, which it used to cover the costs of screening drivers. Uber officials agreed to be more transparent with safety claims and to re-name the fee, which varies from city to city, as a booking fee.

“For the 25 million passengers who hailed an Uber in the last three years, this means a financial windfall of almost $0.82 each!” the site wrote. “The amount would have been a little over a dollar, however as is typical for class action law suits, lawyers charge around 25% of the settlement fees. They will probably end up being the only real winners in this case.”

The post also looked at future issues facing Uber, including lawsuits to determine whether drivers are employees or independent contractors.

“We’re going to keep working to offer the best, most insightful posts about every kind of technology,” the spokesperson said. “We’re off to a great start, and there’s a lot more to come.”

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