Sayhello app allows the users to find activity partners in the surrounding area

Meet Sayhello! The mobile app that connects people who share similar interests and enjoy activities together! Sayhello is a new refreshing way to meet, network and make friends. The iPhone app is currently being tested thoroughly and is scheduled for release in March 2016 . The Andriod version is currently under development.

Sayhello is set to usher a new era of social networking! By matching and connecting users who share similar hobbies, leisure pursuits, and recreational activities. Making new friends that share similar passions has been made easy.

This new social platform is extremely unique, that provides opportunities for users to step out of their comfort zone, meet, make new friends participate in activities that they enjoy. This is tremendously important because hobby serves as an icebreaking experience to make friends and lead an active lifestyle in this digital age. Even extremely shy people will find it extraordinarily easy to make new friends using Sayhello.

Simply put, life is much more fun with a partner to take pleasure in activities! Playing tennis, golfing, dancing, swimming, and running are all activities that people engage in regularly that can be done alone. However, they are also activities that become exponentially more enjoyable with a friend. Luckily, we live in an age when a large portion of the population carries a smartphone on them at all times. This allows for a potentially unprecedented level of interconnectivity between social circles thanks to Sayhello!

The personal challenging experience of searching and finding activity partners was the driving force of the developers to create Sayhello. The app is very generic that could be used for a vast majority of activities.

Are you a woman looking for a group of other ladies who also enjoy bike riding along the coastline?

Looking for workout buddies to lift weights? Or are you a student looking for classmates to study a certain subject?

You just moved to a new city and looking for friends to peruse your hobbies.; Sayhello is gearing up to be the industry-standard when it comes to fulfilling your social networking needs.

The privacy and safety of Sayhello’s users is of prime importance to the platform.All users are anonymous until they personally feel at ease to sharing private identifiable information. Users  have the ability to block others to curtail abuse and/or inflammatory language.

Download Sayhello, create an account, find matches in the preferred geographical location strike up a conversation. Step out, Say hello in real life, make friends and enjoy activities.

A refreshing easy way to meet people use Sayhello to “say hello”.

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Country: United States