Learning Sciences International Assists Teachers With Becoming More Effective – Featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland presents an exclusive interview with the CEO of Learning Sciences International, Michael Toth.
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LOS ANGELES, February 23, 2016 — Learning Sciences International, a company helping students achieve through teacher development, is featured in an episode of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland.

During the segment, Kathy Ireland interviews Learning Sciences CEO, Michael Toth.

Michael Toth begins by speaking about what schools can do to make a major and immediate difference to students. In analyzing high-performing classrooms, he says, one thing that has become clear to the company is that the most effective teachers are the ones who consistently monitor for evidence of student learning. Educators who do this, he adds, “can have as high as a 50-percent increase in student achievement.”

He goes on to discuss what his company is doing to improve teachers’ use of monitoring techniques and ultimately impact learning. “There’s been a national shift to a more rigorous academic standards,” he explains, and today’s teachers must ensure that students can go beyond demonstrating an understanding of content—students must also be able to apply their knowledge to more cognitively complex tasks. “To do that, we have to really get kids working in collaborative teams with the content,” says Toth. “These classrooms are very, very engaged. Kids are able to operate at this level of critical thinking.”

Learn more about Learning Sciences International’s work with teachers and students on the upcoming segment of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland.

Worldwide Business Vice President of Programming, JL Haber, says, “Children are our future, and ensuring that they get a quality education is extremely important. Helping teachers provide this in a more effective way is the key to this.”

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