Cathy in Real Life – Becomes the Most Talked About Online Comedy Web Series

After over 30 years in the Sunday Funnies, Cathy’s comic strip is canceled. Ack! Now her friends Charlene and Andrea are going to have to help Cathy get with the times since they feel her views and image are a bit outdated. Even if that means (gulp) becoming a feminist. The online comedy has gained a great deal of excited fans asking for more episodes.

Cathy in Real Life should be the most talked about comedy web series available online. Forget Netflix, or even SKY and Cable, the internet has started to produce some stunning music, documentaries and comedy series that have gained huge followings. Cathy in Real Life has been written and produced by Susan Sassi, who also plays the main character, Cathy. The other two main characters are Charlene played by Kate Huffman, and Andrea played by Nicole Yvonne, who are Cathy’s best friends.    

Cathy in Real Life follows a woman who has failed to keep up with the times. After her cartoon is canceled, her friends try and bring her into the modern world and change her views and image after they are seen as outdated. However, trying to change someone’s image when they are stuck in their ways is going to be a challenge not even the Navy Seals would take on. Will her friends succeed in the impossible mission that Tom Cruise would fail at, the only way to find out is to watch the web series (

The main character,  Cathy,  is someone that every sane parent hopes their child will never end up like. Everyone should have a friend like Cathy, but would everyone want someone so wacky with outdated views? Cathy is one of those friends that could turn a person to drink, a friend no one would want at a serious event or near a boyfriend or husband if they wanted the relationship to last. Although Cathy is a handful, she is one of the funniest characters on and off the internet.

The hilarious web series is on its seventh episode with fans calling for more!  Although it’s not on television,  the show has earned enough praise to rival many of your favorite online comedies,  showing the amazing talent of the writer and actors.

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About Cathy in Real Life:

The web series follows Cathy as she tries to get her head around her cartoon being canceled. Her friends try and change her image, which is hard with someone who lives in their own strange but funny world.

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