The book ‘My IEP Journey’ will make IEP process simpler for parents

My IEP Journey is a self help book launched for parents and organizations looking to know and understand the Individualized Education Program in a better way.  The book is written by Lia Martin, a former television executive, comedian and TV writer who also started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal $5000 that will be utilized to complete and distribute the book to as many people as possible. The campaign launched on January 9, 2015 has received great response from the backers till now.

IEP or Individualized Education program is a legal document which outlines a student’s learning needs, the services the school will provide and how progress will be measured. It is mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and offered to the differently abled students who need special education services.

Lia, inspired by her own experiences with IEP while getting her son to the school decided to write a book which will enlighten the uninformed parents about the nuances of IEP. The book will describe her story including the methods and resources she utilized to ensure the success of his son at school.

“My IEP Journey” is meant to support the many parents across the world having children who need to attend a special school and need to know which path they should follow for a better future of their kids. Lia is aimed to put a positive impact on the lives of many parents and children across the world with the information provided in her book.

She has penned down her experiences into this book which she now wishes to share with organizations and parents with the help of this fundraising campaign. The funds raised from the campaign will be used to publish the book in paperback and e-book format to be distributed to advocacy organizations, schools and parents. The cost of marketing and website development will also be covered through the money raised from Indiegogo.

The backers can also claim the e-book or paperback version of My IEP Journey along with other perks through the Indiegogo campaign.

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