Belle Scientific Announced Tentative Dates for Free Trial of AbZONE-X10 to Be Held across the United Kingdom

Belle Scientific, a pioneer in health and beauty products, recently announced that they will be offering free trials to one of their flagship products, AbZONE-X10 Elite, in the UK during March-April this year.

Belle Scientific, a leading health and beauty company, recently announced that one of their flagship products, AbZONE-X10 Elite, will be available in limited numbers on a free trial basis in retail outlets across the UK. On behalf of Belle Scientific, James McLeod, the media manager told the press that they have primarily decided to organize the free trial events during in March or April this year. Though he did not confirm the dates, James did inform the press that only 200 free trials will be available.

While commenting on the new and breakthrough fitness device, James said, “The remarkable EMS technology used in AbZONE-X10 Elite has been approved by the FDA. In fact, two independent studies on EMS technology were conducted on basketball players and rugby players, and the results were amazing. EMS is a technology previously available exclusively to medical practitioners and hospitals. However, we decided to shrink it down and offer it in a salon quality device to use at home. Now everyone can get a firmer stomach without back-breaking ab exercises.”

AbZONE-X10 Eliteis safe and effective and it works better than a regular tummy flattener or sit ups because if focuses on the abdominal muscles, without placing stress on the back. “Since only 200 free trials are available for each event venue, we invite men and women to try the thirty-day free trial before stocks evaporate. People can just get in touch with our representatives at different retail outlets to know more about the product or to try it for themselves risk free,” said James.

On behalf Belle Scientific, James told the press that the free trials are being offered as a part of their word-of-mouth publicity campaign, though he did not comment on the actual dates of the event before signing off.

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