Noxel Gains Competitive Edge With Release Of New State Of The Art Digital Signage Technology

The World has taken notice of the Singapore based company, Noxel. The Noxel Xtream Platform boasts incredible features that make even the “latest and greatest” Digitial Signage Solution look old. Noxel Xtream Platform is hosted in the cloud, giving true global access to ones’ Digital Signage Network, allowing it to be managed anywhere, anytime.

Singapore – July 22, 2014. Noxel has made news as one of the top companies in Singapore that provides Digital Signage solutions using state of the art technology. Noxel has a global presence with client’s spanning over 12 countries, all across the globe.

The Noxel Xtream Platform is unlike any other Digital Signage Solution on the market, because of the capabilities and features that are now available. Noxel Xtream Platform is an Android based operating system that allows the user to remotely manage all aspects of a Digital Marketing Campaign, from controlling all of the store’s advertisements to pre-selecting songs on a playlist. A spokesman from Noxel recently said, “It doesn’t matter where the operator is located. Since our system is all cloud-based, the user can modify any part of their marketing campaign wherever they are. Now if there is a sudden change, those changes can be affected immediately from any location.”

A unique difference between the Noxel Xtream Platformand other systems is the combination of state of the art technology and the use of traditional in–depth reporting and data monitoring. Most other systems either have one or the other, but Noxel has brought this new digital signage solution to the market that utilizes state of the art technology and also provides accurate reporting. Noxel’s client list is broad based, ranging from Best Western, to Prescott Hotel and Malaysia Airports.

During a recent trade show, a spokesperson for Noxel was quoted as saying, “When we first started designing this new Digital Signage Solution, we wanted to make sure that it was simple and easy to use, yet robust enough that even Fortune 500 companies can use it. We believe that the market has spoken, and the Noxel Xtream Platform has been received with wide open arms!” The success of the Noxel Xtream Platform speaks for itself, with its current use in all companies from small to Fortune 500.

For more information on the services and support that Noxel provides, visit their website:

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