Neon Alien Studios LLC to Release Mobile Game “Polar Bear Kid: Global Meltdown Escape” on International Polar Bear Day

“Polar Bear Kid: Global Meltdown Escape”

Neon Alien Studios is currently developing a mobile game for IOS and Android called “Polar Bear Kid: Global Meltdown Escape” about a polar bear running to escape the melting polar ice caps to bring more awareness to global warming and its effects on polar bears. The mobile game will be released on International Polar Bear Day, 27th of February 2016.

The primary habitat of polar bears is sea ice. Due to global warming, temperatures in the Arctic are increasing at least two times as fast as the worldwide average. Aside from that, sea ice cover is shrinking by almost 4% per decade. The reductions in sea ice thickness and extent affect the ability of polar bears to find food. Polar bears eat ringed seals and get 2/3 of the energy they require for the whole year in early summer and late spring. With shorter periods of maximum sea ice extent, polar bears are given less time to hunt food and forced to go without food for a longer period of time.

The changes in sea ice structure and dynamics may differ in various areas of the Arctic, but all of these have a negative impact on the reproductive success and condition of polar bears and their kill. Sea ice in James Bay of Canada, for instance, now melts earlier in the spring and forms at a much later time in autumn.

The best season for polar bears is the time they have on ice. They can hunt fish and seals as well as restore their health and body fat, but this time for saving energy for the summer season when there’s little food and ice available is becoming shorter today. This can negatively affect the overall health and condition of polar bears. This is an alarming situation for pregnant or nursing bears as well as for the cubs. Young bears can die due to insufficient amount of fat on nursing mothers or lack of food.

Neon Alien Studios LLC hopes that through the mobile game they are currently developing, more people will be aware of global warming and the threats faced by polar bears because of it and that many will be encouraged to do their part in saving these animals and the planet as a whole. 

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