The IRS gains power to revoke your passports

Another requirement procurement went by Congress and marked into law not long ago permits the legislature to renounce the travel permits of truly reprobate assessment scofflaws — individuals who owe more than $50k in back taxes to the IRS. You could be on a business meeting overseas or even with family or on your honeymoon and they could renounce your passport.

The IRS is either running out of funds or they serious about collecting unpaid tax debts. Over $131 billion are owe to the IRS and there are more than 12 million delinquents accounts.

Besides the revocation of your passport, The president of the United State signed a bill that allows private debt collectors harass you and try to collect the debt from people that owes back taxes to the IRS.

If you owe over $50,000 to the IRS and you are planning to travel, you will not be issue a passport until you resolve your debt with the IRS. If you are out of the country and you owe back taxes you may be allowed to return home.

This won’t affect you if you are compliance with the IRS and have entered a deal to pay your back taxes, such as the installment agreement, offer in compromise, many more.

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