HCG Ultra Diet Critic Unveils New Site Explaining HCG Diet Options

Site reveals the difference between various HCG diet options and what makes the best of them successful at bringing about weight loss, reports HCG Ultra Diet Critic.

At any given time, there are several unusual diets in circulation. Some of these have promise, while others are just plain weird. For example, there’s a diet that consists of eating cotton balls soaked in orange juice! Obviously, most people don’t want to resort to eating cosmetic application accessories for dinner, and diets that are that odd tend to fade quickly. Others, however, appear again and again. One such plan is the HCG diet.

Amazing losses have been reported with the HCG diet, but it can be difficult to find out just what it involves. A new site, HCG Ultra Diet Critic, found at hcgultradietcritic.com, helps to explain some of the important factors of the “HCG” aspect of the plan. This will aid those who are considering trying it in their purchase choices when it’s time to buy HCG.

“The first thing to explain is just what HCG actually is,” said Roberts Stone of HCG Ultra Diet Critic. “It stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is normally produced by the placenta during pregnancy. Its primary role is to maintain progesterone production, but it has other roles as well. One of these is believed to be the encouragement of abdominal fat breakdown. The broken-down fat is said to serve as fuel for the growing fetus. An HCG diet uses HCG supplements in order to stimulate this fat breakdown even when there’s no fetus to support. This is meant to make weight loss easier to accomplish.”

One thing that has kept many people from jumping on the HCG train is the fact that it originally required a series of injections. Most people would rather not get shots unless they are absolutely medically necessary or are the method of delivery for a vaccination. Now, however, HCG drops have hit the market. This has caused a massive increase in the popularity of HCG diets.

“Not all of the drops or all of the diets are the same, though,” Stone cautioned. “That’s why our site exists. It helps consumers find out which type does what and how it works – before they make a substantial investment.”

The diet aspect of the HCG diets is another thing that has served as a serious barrier to entry for a long time. The original plan called for eating just 500 calories a day, either as a single meal or spread out over two. Now, more realistic diet plans are becoming more prevalent. Of course, the original version is still available for people who want to lose weight in a hurry.

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