Solve Labor Shortage Problems with Swapability

If you are like many managers, you probably run into staffing issues on a regular basis. If your organization is experiencing rampant growth, you may need more resources for your current projects but may not need them a few months down the road. Conversely, you may have a few top notch employees envied by peers as subject matter experts that you wouldn’t mind lending out to another organization on a short term basis – as long as they returned the favor. That’s where Swapability comes in.

Similar to online dating sites, Swapability connects managers who can fulfill each other’s temporary labor needs through a short term staff exchange. Once your manager profile is complete with projects you have coming up, the skill sets you need, the experts you have on staff and your industry matching preferences, the patent pending Swapability matching algorithm will find either direct or multi-point matches with other managers ready to help you get things done.

The concept behind Swapability is truly innovative—and while a bit unorthodox—promises to redraw the business landscape. There will no longer be a need to invest weeks indoctrinating expensive consultants into your company culture just to fulfill a short-term resource need. You can immediately draw on an experienced talent pool without a long term investment.

The Swapability team is comprised of seasoned tech industry executives and managers who recognized the need for flexible staffing and developed the platform. Swapability is currently in the beta stage and almost ready for public release, but the team is looking for additional funding for initial marketing and promotion. The team has sponsored a Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 and is inviting you to join them in being a part of a historic project that could change the way the business world operates. In return for your generous support, you will receive some cool loot like cooler backpack chairs (yes, a backpack that is a cooler and a foldout chair all in one) or even invitations to the official Swapability launch party in San Francisco.

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