Introducing the Teplo Bottle: Revolutionary Technology and Design to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

Boston, MA – Load & Road, creators of innovative and connected beverage devices, is pleased to announce Teplo, the world’s first smart bottle for tea lovers. Teplo’s design allows tea drinkers to brew the perfect cup of tea by tracking and controlling brewing temperature and time, via a companion mobile app. A rechargeable battery hidden in the base of the bottle keeps the beverage at the preferred temperature throughout the day. In addition, users can personalize, find and order premium teas from all over the world on the Teplo app.  Teplo is available today for pre-order through Kickstarter at a discounted price of $34. 

Designed for tea lovers, Teplo learns users’ taste profiles over time, ensuring that each and every cup is perfect for individualized preference. Teplo’s innovative design consists of a glass bottle with a thermo-sensor, heater, Bluetooth communication module and two rechargeable batteries. Teplo’s sleek glass bottle allows users to enjoy the color of their tea, not just its flavor. An internal battery is used to communicate with smart devices and has an all-day battery life. Further, an external battery maintains the drinking temperature for up to four hours. What makes Teplo unique among other IoT devices is that it doesn’t use any LED or screens.

“Although we use sophisticated technology, we created Teplo to be as simple as possible – this way users can truly enjoy their tea making and drinking experience,” said Kazunori Kawanobe, CEO & Co-Founder, Teplo.  “Our team values the uniqueness of each person, something that has been ignored in this industry for a long time. We spent a lot of time and energy on personalization.”

The simple brewing process begins immediately after users pour boiling water into the Teplo glass bottle.  Based on the personalized information that the user plugs into the companion app, Teplo notifies them of when it’s time to take the tea out of the water (if the user is delayed in adding the tea, Teplo will maintain the perfect temperature for up to 15 minutes). Once the brewing begins, the user is notified and once the tea is removed, the temperature is maintained for as long as 4 hours.

With Teplo, tea lovers are able to:

• Heat their tea, and maintain the perfect brewing temperature through a battery-powered rechargeable base;
• Personalize the brewing temperature via a Bluetooth-enabled app;
• See and admire the color of their tea through Teplo’s beautifully crafted glass design;
• Find and order premium teas from all over the world via Teplo’s mobile app that learns users desired preferences and tastes.

The first generation of Teplo is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, starting $34.00 and shipping to backers in August 2016. To pre-order Teplo or to learn more, visit the Kickstarter Campaign here

About Teplo’s Founders:

Teplo was invented and created by three friends who met while pursuing their MBA’s at the F.W. Olin School of Business at Babson College. Hailing from Japan and India, the three co-founders discovered a mutual respect for the cultural importance of tea in their respective heritages. They were also impressed at the growing global tea industry, and experienced it firsthand while studying in Boston.

With a passion and eye for innovative technology and design, the founders came together to invent a revolutionary way to brew tea. Over the past year, they’ve completed numerous iterations and prototypes and they, along with many others, are pleased with the current bottle design and accompanying technology. A successful Kickstarter will allow them to begin mass production and bring Teplo tea-lovers everywhere.

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