Light Portal Announces Certification for Fitness and Wellness Professionals

TAMPA, Fla. – Light Portal Technologies, maker of the Light Portal, announced today that it is offering its exclusive Light Portal Coaching Certification Program. The teacher training will create Official Light Portal Expert Coaches. Newly-credentialed coaches will have lasting, positive impacts on students’ lives. The program brings empowerment, progressive thought and a perfect complement to Life Coaches, Personal Trainers, Therapists, Yoga and Meditation teachers and any professional focusing on adding beneficial options to their clients’ life choices.

Light Portal Certification Training will be a focused seminar during which there will be plenty of hands-on teaching practice, self-study opportunities and ample time for questions. Students will learn from certified instructors to develop their own organic message and style to best integrate The Light Portal into the professionals’ existing practice.

The Light Portal is an immersive chamber equipped with proprietary light and sound technology that enables a person to enjoy transformative personal rejuvenation experiences through relaxation and meditation. Light Portal users report increased self-awareness, better work and athletic performance and improvements in emotional well-being. People who go into the Portal feeling stress and “life burn-out” emerge feeling re-fueled and re-energized. They describe a state of mind where their inner energy flows are better aligned with a sense of purpose in life.

“The Light Portal offers users a potential sensory breakthrough,” said Douglas Cornell, President and inventor of Light Portal. “We have long underestimated the impact that light, sound and vibrations have on how we perceive the world and ourselves. Now, with Light Portal, individuals can experience unique, relaxing light, sound, rhythm and flows of energies.”

The Light Portal can potentially transform an individual’s personal and professional performance capabilities by immersing the user in a focused physical space. The student will be able to enhance their clients’ lives by introducing them to a safe and comfortable atmosphere, enjoying peaceful isolation with sound, light and music tuned to the brain and body’s inner rhythms. The Light Portal allows the user to access previously unknown reservoirs of energy, stamina, talent and sensory awareness.  

The company typically works with professional partners, such as corporate fitness centers, fitness spas and professional athletic training facilities that install a Light Portal for continued use by their employees and clients. The user begins to see striking, long-term change in his or her physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, and personal and professional capabilities.

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