Healthcare Providers Not Immune to Addiction Risk, Cautions Chapters Capistrano

Although doctors and nurses have a wealth of knowledge about addiction, they are still at risk of developing substance use disorders themselves, says Chapters Capistrano.

Medical professionals are the ones people entrust with their care to help them live healthier lives and overcome illness, injury, and disease, but that doesn’t always mean that doctors take the best care of themselves. The stress and long hours that come with working in healthcare, as well as easier access to medication, can put doctors at greater risk for substance use disorders. But with the prestige of the job, they may be less likely to seek help for fear of how it will impact their career. Chapters Capistrano, a California rehab center in Orange County, has released a statement to the press regarding the risk of addiction in the medical field and access to treatment.

“There is a lot of stress that comes with being a doctor,” says Susie Shea, co-owner of Chapters Capistrano. “It’s important that physicians have healthy ways of coping and people that they can turn to for support. We often put doctors on a pedestal and think that they’re above the risk of substance use simply because of their profession and knowledge, but that’s simply not true.”

Dr. Aaron Carroll revealed to Medical Daily that according to a 2012 study, “researchers found 15 percent of the American College of Surgeons had some level of alcoholic abuse or dependence; that number was even higher among female surgeons (25 percent).” In addition, the strongest link to substance abuse among doctors was found to be depression.

Depression can put both the doctors and their patients at risk. If they are not fully mentally engaged in what they’re doing, it can affect their concentration, judgment, and quality of care. Another study found that depression affects up to 25 percent of young doctors.

Unfortunately many medical professionals are hesitant to admit that they have a problem with substance use, be it alcohol, prescriptions drugs, or other substances. They are concerned about the impact it will have on them professionally and how it will affect their career. However, just because they have a substance use disorder does not necessarily mean that their career is over.

There is help available that can lead to long-term recovery.

“Just like anyone else, doctors are apt to self-medicate as a way to relieve stress, forget about their problems, and try to unwind,” says Shea. “But given the serious nature of their jobs, addiction can pose a real threat. Knowing the risks, there should be more measures put in place to identify potential problems and support doctors and nurses in getting the help they need before it becomes more severe.”

Executive rehab facilities exist to provide professionals with the level of care they need, as well as the amenities, communication, and confidentiality necessary to support their recovery, says Shea. Many physicians who go through rehab and are able to maintain their recovery go back to practicing, but they stay on top of what they need to do to prevent relapse and take advantage of having a strong support system. Addiction does not have to end their career if they seek help and are committed to their recovery. Chapters Capistrano offers executive rehab services to professionals to facilitate the individualized care they need for recovery.


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