offers a social media platform to connect businesses with customers

Small and local businesses provide affordable services to the community while also contribute to economic development but due to lack of expertise and budget, they’re often suppressed by the bigger players in the market. This is when SellNu comes into light, which provides a platform for the small and local businesses to reach a wide audience and promote their business.

SellNu aims to connect the social media and sales in such a way that businesses can cater to the needs to of the customers in their area. In this way, the businesses can connect with their customers online and encourage them to visit their physical store, if they have any.

The website provides a platform for the businesses and customers in the same area to connect with each other which in turn, builds trust among them. It’s a win-win situation as the customer can find the best deals and offers while the business can provide additional rewards and points to the loyal customers.

Sell Nu is a whole new way of selling online which will not only benefit the business but the customers as well. With everything getting digital these days, the website proves as a ‘digital community to mirror your physical community’, as the owners call it.

Starting an online business or e-commerce site without much expertise or technical background may be a cumbersome task for many but with any business can promote themselves conveniently. The website provides a remarkable sales channel to the businesses, with the help of its expert staff, thorough market research and experience in the field, so that they can explore the power of social media marketing to the best.

With an aim to resolve two major issues, faced currently by the businesses and customers that is the poor promotion of business with huge price and inability of the customer to find the suitable product or best deals, the website has built a community for the businesses and customers to connect with each other in a way like never before. While the customers can find the best deals and engage into the unique point system to convert into cash rewards, the businesses can attract more customers by offering them special offers, deals and loyalty points.

The customers can view the product/ service recommended by a friend on SellNu, which is often more reliable to them as compared to the reviews. The website is aimed to bridge the gap between e-commerce and social media so that both customers and businesses can benefit from it. More information about the website is available at

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