Innovative WeCanna™ Full Spectrum Hemp-Cannabidiol Products Available through Gabriel\’s Promise

March 1st, 2016 – Green Cove Springs, FL – Gabriel’s Promise launches their Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil product line today, featuring WeCanna™ Cannabidiol. Hemp CBD has been at the forefront of the news recently in its application to support many conditions, including, pediatric epilepsy, autism, cancer, pain, PTSD, brain injuries, anxiety, and various neurological conditions.

Most Hemp CBD oil tinctures (liquid) being used today have a very strong taste and are slowly and poorly absorbed into the body. Gabriel’s Promise uses proprietary technologies, including solvent-free extraction techniques, to address these issues, making WeCanna™ Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil more rapidly absorbed, with increased bioavailability within minutes of ingestion.

Founders, Carol and Paul Carey Nester NC, state, “This technology represents a shift in how nutritional, super food supplements can be delivered.  By using solvent-free extraction methods there is no toxicity.  This integrative approach is far superior in terms of unlocking the true potential of natural remedies and optimizing the speed of nutrient delivery throughout the body.”

Gabriel’s Promise new product line includes WeCanna™ Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Blend in 100% Virgin Organic Cold-Pressed hemp seed oil. More Full Spectrum Hemp Blends are in production including WeCanna™ Pet containing 3 MG per dose of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD plus a full suite of other cannabinoids. There are no the waxes, resins, or organic matter in our products, rendering a clean, and more bioavailable form of CBD oil.

“We have taken major steps forward in creating a rapidly absorbed, bioavailable form of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil which provides legal and healthy options for people who wish to supplement their wellness or add support for many conditions by using CBD. Our tincture is a non- psychoactive alternative to cannabis for many conditions,” said CEO, Paul Nester.

Going further, he stated, “These organic products are mild and have no additives or flavorings which make them easily mixed with juices. Just mix it in your beverage or food for easy intake.”

WeCanna™ Full Spectrum Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) is an extract of UK industrial hemp plants and is now available as a natural, dietary supplement, in all 50 states and 42 countries without the need for a prescription.

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