Soros international cooperation platform, Big opening ceremony

Soros introduction

George Soros Soros international cooperation platform, referred to as (Soros). Hungarian born American Jewish American businessman, noted philanthropist and currency speculator, stock investors and political activist George Soros international global asset management company is an independent global investment institutions. 2 years founder George Soros, since its inception in 2013, the United States, France, Turkey, Italy and other countries in Europe and America and stable operation, the global membership has reached 300 million. In October 2015 began to set up the operating system, has been in preparation for nearly four months, the system was officially opened on February 2016 28.

The advantage of Soros:

1. the number of public enterprises login, not every day to save the address operation whenever and wherever possible. There are a variety of games, shopping, interactive, membership in the meter at the same time, but also entertainment and shopping.

2. daily attendance ranging from 1-30 yuan! Members can free shopping, only this one.

3. the platform has integrity and non integrity area.

The integrity of the membership and the integrity of the members, not the integrity of the members and not the integrity of the members, at the same time the honest members have priority, right.

4. mobile phone text messages to remind, inform each other for the first time!

5. the only member as the center, to the members are thinking, anxious members are anxious to serve members of the platform,

6. force control system, integrity directly blocked. (10 hours not contact each other, or the other party abstained not playing internationally through the reporting shall be permanent title) to avoid hanging empty single!

7. the opening of a team of 30 thousand docking, open the 2016 most popular items, 2 year strong incoming foreign platform.

8. the domain name for 3 years in foreign countries and the mainland market has a separate server, each is not the end of the hundreds of thousands, 365 days in the data real-time backup.

9. domain name registration, Ministry of record, the record number: Shanghai ICP No. 15044244 -27, approved by the state, shall be protected by law.

10. a number of enterprises to the public, SorosSQ2016. First time to send the latest news, the record companies. Enterprise Name: Wuxi chuanbei Trade Co., Ltd. Business license registration number: 91320211MA1MAJT34A, Shenzhen jieyongxinhuayu Technology Co., Ltd. Business license registration number: 91440300359574254F, Shenzhen zhongguangtai Technology Co., Ltd. Business license registration number: 9144030035930115X6

11. Sino foreign joint venture, 90% Chinese shares, national enterprises, government regulation, capital outflow.

12. customer service all day long 24 hours online, there are problems in a timely manner to ask customer service, solve some problems of lack of other platforms..

13. background open message and a letter of thanks, at any time response (positive response that everybody is our platform to promote long-term reasons)!

14. if no operation, 48 hours after the membership registration will be frozen

15. strong control: manager level monthly respectively provide at least 2 times to help the 5000 yuan, 10000 yuan, 20000 yuan. Otherwise the system judge malicious taking leadership award, are number processing

Soros mutual platform bonus system

1. help, the amount of 500 yuan -20000 yuan

2. recommended by registered members account, activate all 50 activation (a coin, currency activation is 1 yuan) limit the malicious registration, screening of potential users.

3. Registered 66 yuan to send red envelopes (9:00 daily limit 100),

4. Static gains: daily interest 2% to single row at the beginning of the calculation, interest, 15 day forced out, up to 60% of total revenue 30% monthly income, frozen for three days, advance refund deduct 30% fee.

5. for single row between 3 – 10 days, 36 hours, match play, freeze the account match again. The payment for 24 hours to confirm the payee account freeze.

6. at least to mention the amount of 500 yuan, the transaction amount of cash on the wallet can be capped 20 thousand yuan, 500 yuan integer multiples of cash.

7. prize: the 10 generation of the first generation, second generation 10%, 4%, third and 3% generation, the fourth generation to the 6 generation (1%, ordinary users can only take the 6 generation 0.5% generation 7-10)

Direct push 1 people take the 1 generation, direct push 2 people take the 2 generation.

8. attendance award: every day in 1-30 yuan

9. community counseling Award: Ambassador (Manager): direct investment of 10 thousand, 20 people, the number of the team reached 100 people, with infinite generation 0.05%. Assistance Center (director): 20 thousand investment, direct push team of 30 people, the number reached 200, with infinite generation 1%.

10. within 6 hours of play money reward investment 1%.

11. every time the investment need to pay 10 yuan for the integrity of the gold to the platform, return to investment success immediately 10 yuan sincerity gold envelopes account (the integrity of the gold membership will be integrity play money, again put an end to the phenomenon of hanging Pseudomonas).

12. bonus responsibility: recommended people, must be on the person in charge, direct push. As the direct push members do not play money. After deducting the recommended 5~10% bonus, and sealed, do not fight.

13. bonus connected system for team leaders, to actively help the following members. Help each other, work together closely. As a team, a person not to play, not only recommended people will deduct the bonus, also recommended on the generation of bonuses will also disappear, hope all layers of replication, the platform will be longer walk better.

14. to avoid the gap between rich and poor, to create a harmonious society, adhering to the principle of mutual charity. When the individual account cumulative total revenue reached 120 million yuan out. At the same time, the company will be awarded given lifetime honorary award: crystal trophy, certificate of honor, presented a trip around the world double Howe and participate in company profits.

Join Soros must know

1. Soros is a loving platform, no love shall not join.

2. Soros must join is honesty, integrity, are not allowed to join.

3. Soros is a help each other, work together closely, no team concept, are not allowed to join.

Media Contact
Company Name: George Soros
Contact Person: Jun Li
Phone: 0086-17784097712
Country: China