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1 Mar, 2016 – Termitedroppings.org provides complete details about termites to help home owners like you check whether the termites has infested your home. This website would tell you that the earliest sign of termite infestation at your home is the presence of frass or termite poop near the wooden furniture or door. It’s imperative to check how the poop looks and seek professional help immediately to lower the costs of eliminating these pests in an effective way.

These termite droppings looks similar to saw dust that can make you ignore it sometimes. However make sure that you check whether it looks granular or has six sides like the termite frass before you discard it.

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When termites infest your home then it is natural for the pests to leave out the dropping while work their way in the wooden items at home. It is also generally considered as a sign of drywood infestation. This site would also tell you to look out for other signs of infestation such as wings that resemble tiny fish scales which is shed when termites mate. You can also knock the wooden door frames or window frames to check for hollow sound to know whether your home is infested or not. Once you find termite droppings at your home it is important to detect the stage of infestation by checking the frass. Check whether the termite droppings are in pale color or in white color and whether it is in a straight form or in a beaded form.

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Termites can enter your home through a small crack or opening in the floor or walls. These pests invade your home through subterranean entry points or by gorging on dry wood. They prefer to live underground and in wood that is near soil like door frame or porch. You can also check your home for distortion of wood, signs of uneven walls, ripples, mud tubes, mounds or bubbling paint.

The link at http://termitedroppings.org/termite-protection helps you to know about termite protection to get rid of the infestation at the earliest to save your home from costly repairs. The site advises you to create a system with pipes with anti termite chemicals while building a new home to spread the chemicals evenly to prevent termite infestation. You can also choose a low priced method which is tracking the termites by detecting the signs of infestation and place termite baits in those areas to control the infestation and to eradicate it gradually. You can also place termite barriers while constructing your home to prevent these pests from entering your home.

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Termitedroppings.org is the perfect site to gather all information about the most bothering pests at home, which are the termites. This site tells you to never ignore the termite droppings that look like sawdust at your home as it can help you detect its presence, the type of infestation and the ways to protect your home from termite infestation.

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