Privately Held Startup Tampa Turn Key Launches Disruptive Business Model In Southwest Florida

The trend of engaging a Broker for Building Materials has caught on like wildfire in Southwest Florida as Builders, General Contractors, Dealers, & Subcontractors are drastically slashing their customer acquisition costs, increasing profitability and productivity through a Specialty Construction Brokerage – Tampa Turn Key. At a $1.5-million-dollar evaluation, this specialty firm serves as the primary point of contact for Subcontractors seeking Builders, Builders seeking Subcontractors, and Dealers looking for new accounts in order to generate sales from both Subcontractors and Builders.

The firm delivers an Uber style “right now” business model, but instead of connecting riders and drivers, the company is connecting Contractors with Subcontractors for a flat fee with 30, 60, 90 day terms. In fact, no fee is assessed unless business is engaged with whom the firm connects. Tampa Turn Key’s APP for iPhone has an approximate launch date within the next two weeks.

Among discussions with some of the firm’s clientele the feedback from General Contractorswas positive since the Broker allows them tofocus on their projects and it is up to the Broker to submit Dealers & SUBS that can engage with a Contractor at the desired expectations of price & quality. Quality is not compromised since several candidates are submitted which in turn maintains a competitive landscape. SUBS & Dealers never had it easier, it’s rumored that some clients assign Tampa Turn Key a special ring tone in order to not miss any of what they name to be “money calling right now.”

Additional information about Tampa Turn Key can be found on their website:

Media Contact
Company Name: Tampa Turn Key
Contact Person: Luis Valdes
Phone: 305 934 2671
Country: United States