Turning Texts to Videos VixT Introduces Revolutionary Mode of Communication in 21st Century

New VixT iOS video sharing app is to revolutionize mode of communication in the contemporary genre by transforming plain stretch of text into more engaging and cutting edge video mashups.

March 1st, London, UK: If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine the phenomenal effect of thousands of moving pictures! Futuristic iOS app VixT has announced to bring in a revolutionary change in communication in 21st Century by tuning texts into video mashups.

VixT is the brainchild of Viktor Nyics, a successful entrepreneur backed by huge experience in the entertainment scene. The application is the first REAL video sharing app that will be officially launched on Apple’s App Store on 2nd March.

“Plain stretch of text is no doubt boring and if you are looking for something really cool for a change, we have VixT for you. It’s something that nobody has ever seen before and will render a new edge to your texts with its more advanced visual & emotional content compared to mundane text”, stated Viktor Nyics.

The latest video sharing app is designed to automatically convert texts into visual montages or mashups in just a flash- simply type the text & then press play. It offers the option to decide whether to share the video mashup or message with it.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/wtMO_Tfj3kY

 “Our app is for all those who love to party & spread the happy message using Instagram & other social networking platforms. So, next time you want to say ‘Hey, let’s grab a beer’ to your buddies, you will have VixT transforming your plain text into a more personal video featuring you cheering your gang for a great time.  And, thanks to our innovative recording & trimming, you will experience the craziest coolest video montage ever.”

As the user types his text message, the VixT technology will start to scan through versatile videos hosted in the app library for creating an automatic video montage.

“The whole idea is to create an interactive, cut-through and fun way to exchange thoughts and feelings. Gone are the days when you literally had to struggle to dig out the right video for the video productions but thanks to VixT, creating fitting videos can’t get any simpler now”, noted another spokesperson from VixT.

The users can also build up their own exclusive personal video-library or buy additional themes, link up private videos & donate the VixT-clips to the growing VixT global library. VixT API enables state of the art integration with popular social media platforms & instant messaging applications.

“VixT assures safest mode of sharing. Yes, people have been publishing for long but what singles out our app is that it enables users to use each other’s videos – without staying connected. No question of hearts or like or following. We never place watermarks on videos; we respect you & won’t target you for shallow marketing gains.”

More VixT features are on the way and the app team promised many more pleasant surprises shortly.

About VixT– VixT is a futuristic iOS video sharing app that has been designed to convert texts into video mashups automatically within seconds.

For more information please visit http://vixt.co or contact Viktor Nyics at network@vixt.co

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