offers solar powered attic fans and tubular skylights in different models and at reasonable prices

1 Mar, 2016 – has made an announcement that it has enhanced its product portfolio by adding a range of solar powered attic fans and tubular skylights at competitive prices. If you wish to be the proud owner of well ventilated home then you can now spend less on power by investing in solar powered products. If the attic at your home is very hot then it probably indicates that it is not well ventilated. Instead of opting for other cooling or heating solutions it is wise to shop for solar powered attic fans and tubular skylights.

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The Solar Attic Fan offered at the site of Magenn then you will know that it can prevent the growth of mildew and mold as they thrive on damp and wet areas. This in turn would save your home from roof repairs and severe structural damage. These solar fans for the attic are made from high quality materials to provide long lasting service. It houses an efficient brush style motor of 38.2 VDC. It is a five winged fan made from durable aluminum and has super silent operation. The best thing about purchasing these solar attic fans at is that you can avail tax credit if you are eligible for the same. The solar fans designed for the attic area are adjustable and are available in 30 watts and 20 watts. This will help the owners of both big homes and small homes find a suitable one for their attic area.

When you click on the link at you will be pleased to find that the site also sells tubular skylights which are also known as solar tubes, sun tunnel or sun tube. These solar powered lights are a best choice to make your homes look brighter. These lights are suitable for various types of diffusers to reflect your lifestyle.

The site at also sells curved lights and straight lights to go well with your home decors. These products by Magenn are offered with a sleek look to improve the overall energy and mood levels in offices and homes. These tubular lights are offered at this site as 18 inch kits, 13 inch kits and as 10 inch kits to go well with all types of rooms. You can also opt for Commercial Tubular Skylight Kits to create an impressive environment in offices and business establishments. When you opt for the 21 Inch or 18 inch kits to create a favorable working environment and to improve the performance of the employees.


MAGENN Power Company is based in Chandler Arizona that aims at offering cost effective products that use solar power to perform effectively. It specializes in selling solar powered attic fans and tubular skylights with different specifications to make homes and offices much comfortable while helping them save on power bills. 

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