Vendome Technology launches Wi-Fi enabled Intelligent Doorbell on Indiegogo

Vendome technology has introduced the Intelligent Doorbell on Indiegogo to take the world of home security systems to next level. The revolutionary doorbell will not only perform the basic function of alerting the house members of someone’s arrival but also contribute to keeping the house safe and secure.

With the Intelligent doorbell, house members can know about who has arrived at the door before opening it and also be informed about the visitors or packages that arrived while they were out of the house.  The intelligent Doorbell is equipped with Wi-Fi that can record the surroundings of the house or office even when the members are not present. Being informed about the activities going around the house area ensures safety and security of the house and the family members such as children, elderly and others.

The user can get an alert to their phone whenever someone comes to the front doorstep while they can also set one way or two way audio systems to communicate with the visitors arriving at the door.  Since the device is a combination of the doorbell and a security camera, it saves the users the cost of buying an additional security system for door and it can be operated with both Android and iOS operating system.

To get the system running, the users can easily install the device on the front door along with the app on their mobile phone. The intelligent doorbell is a convenient security system which allows the user to talk to the visitors, check the door before answering, monitor the business deliveries, watching the store or restaurant or just checking in while travelling.

The goal of the Indiegogo campaign is to raise 200 000$ which will be used for the manufacturing, production and further development of the product. The developers of the project have urged people to support the campaign, whether through donations, joining the referral program or sharing the campaign over social media.

Media Contact
Company Name: Vendome Technology
Contact Person: Lukáš Lidický
Country: Czech Republic