Santcoin Inc. launches world’s first digital money engine on Indiegogo

Boston – March 2, 2016 – The newly invented Santcoin digital money engine allows the smartphone users to earn, save, send and receive digital money anywhere in the world for free and even without an internet connection. The developers of this revolutionary technology have launched it on Indiegogo with a goal to raise $20,000 USD to successfully implement the project on a global platform.

The Santcoin Engine consists of three main components that are a free multiplatform payment system app, a new global digital currency and a new global monetary policy to reduce poverty as well as promoting economic development. Unlike the payment systems offered by Bitcoin or Credit cards, Santcoin provides free processing and money transfer services. It is also fraud proof, convenient to use, transparent, environment-friendly and works offline too.

Some of the other things that keep Santcoin ahead of the game from its counterparts is that it is absolutely free of cost and  does not require an internet connection to process transaction which would mean that it can reach to less developed areas as well where internet facilities are not available. The users can borrow or purchase the money along with an unconditional refund guarantee. Additionally, the currency is developed with an aim to tackle social issues such as poverty and boost economic growth.

In the next five years, Santcoin has the potential to change people lives for better by providing any user with a smartphone to earn wealth and share it with others. The start-up capital of Santcoin will also be used to ensure development and reduce poverty. The success of the Indiegogo campaign will ensure that Santcoin gets the much-needed push and fulfills its goals towards changing billions of lives across the world.

A world using the Santcoin system will mean saving the cost of 390 billion transactions, saving 35.54 billion in credit card fraud annually, providing free banking services to 3 billion phone owners and promoting millions of non-profit organizations across the world. Initially, Santcoin will distribute free currency to millions of adults across the world before moving to the development and collaboration funds and policy.

There are several ways of earning Santcoin and many ways to spend it online and offline; the information about the same is available on Indiegogo campaign page.

Media Contact
Company Name: Santcoin Inc
Contact Person: S Ben jebli, Founder
Phone: 857.266.7047
Country: United States