PPUR.COM.PH Launches Website to Book Your Tour in Puerto Princesa Underground River in the Philippines

One of the wonders of nature, the Puerto Princesa Underground River, can now be toured and explored with the help of PPUR.COM.PH

The pride not only of Puerto Princesa but of the Philippines as a whole can be explored, toured and discovered with the help of PPUR.COM.PH

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River or also known as the Puerto Princesa Underground River has been hailed as among the new 7 Wonders of Nature and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This river that spans 8.2 kilometers is assumed to be the world’s longest underground river that can be navigated. This winds its way right under a mountain range, right through St. Paul Underground River Cave before going out to South China Sea. This journey through its cave system is already 24 kilometers in length by itself.

The bigger part of the area where the Underground River can be found is a national park in reality and also serves as the perfect model of rich biodiversity. Over 800 species of plants that include around 300 trees, 30 mammals, 195 bird species, 8 bat species and 19 reptiles consider the place as their home. 

The Puerto Princesa Underground River has some interesting facts that you will get to learn the moment you get to tour it yourself. For starters, only 4.3 kilometers of the 8.2 kilometers of the river can be traveled easily by the tourists. Should the tourists decide to travel the remaining 3.9 kilometers, they need to acquire a special permit. In a few parts of the 3.9 kilometers, there is a chance for the tourists to wade in the river itself.

A few of the rock formations in the cave resemble some objects and even images like a horse, a mushroom, cacao fruit and even the Holy Family. Among the rock formations within the cavern where the Palawan Underground River flows through even has the same appearance as that of a naked lady.

The environmentalists and geologists have also discovered a second floor to this amazing river back in 2010. This is what led them into believing that the cave also has some waterfalls in it.

The lower half of the whole river also as brackish water and this means that this contains more salt as compared to fresh water although this is not enough for it to be regarded as salt water.

The monkeys that can be found in Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park have also become very accustomed to being fed by the people that some of them even manage to grab the food from the visitors.

If you like to experience the one of a kind underground river on your own, now is the perfect time to visit PPUR.COM.PH to book your tour.

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