Kickstart Your Kitchen with Partyaki Home Hibachi

Innoveek sets out to break the Internet with tasty Kickstarter campaign.

Providence, R.I. – After months of anticipation, Innoveek officially launched its Kickstarter campaign on February 27th for PartyakiTM, a home Hibachi grill that brings the Japanese steakhouse experience to your kitchen.  

“Watching the food tricks, interacting with the chef, having fun with your family and friends — nothing has compared to a night out at a Hibachi restaurant… until now! Partyaki captures that experience and brings it into your home. Now, you’re the chef, and your kitchen is the center of the action,” said Jay Durant, Co-founder and CEO of Innoveek.

The compact Japanese-style grill is built for a crowd with four seating positions, giving guests a front row seat to all the grilling action. Partyaki includes everything you need to start flipping shrimp into your hat like a pro. 

Top Features:

• Brings the Japanese steakhouse experience to your kitchen
• 24”x15” grilling surface accommodates cooking for up to 6 guests
• Stainless-steel surface allows for direct cutting with metal utensils
• 2 built-in removable Asian-style hot pots
• Built-in chopstick holders and removable dipping sauce trays
• Easy-to-clean grill surface wipes spotless in seconds

“Hibachi has its own culture and we’re excited for people to build on that, creating their own food tricks and recipes,” said Durant. “This is the ultimate way for everyone — chef and guests — to have fun while cooking. We’re giving you permission to throw some food around, relax, and have a good time! Making dinner doesn’t have to be a chore anymore.”

To get aspiring Hibachi masters started, Partyaki comes with a recipe book complete with much-loved Japanese steakhouse dishes such as Hibachi fried rice and Hibachi chicken and shrimp, as well as how-to tips for performing tricks. Two built-in hot pots bring another communal dining experience into the mix. Another traditional Asian cooking style, hot pots allow dinner guests to cook their own ingredients by dipping them into flavored broth. “We see this as the 21st Century home fondue party,” said Durant. “Friends and family coming together for conversation, laughter, and food, where they can make the experience their own.” 

Years in the making, the Partyaki Home Hibachi began in Durant’s imagination and soon became a reality with multiple concepts coming and going until Innoveek had the perfect balance of features, size, and components. Partyaki is crafted with professional-grade materials, making it durable and portable. The grill has four seating positions but can accommodate up to six dinner guests. 

Each Partyaki grill comes with all the essentials, including chopsticks, a teppanyaki spatula, professional salt and pepper shakers, sauce squeeze bottles, hot pot skimmers, and chef hats. There’s also an optional storage and carrying bag. 

With a successful Kickstarter, the Partyaki is estimated to be available for purchase in stores and online in the first quarter of 2017 with an MSRP of $499 and a street price of $399 (Pricing and availability subject to change). Some early backers of the Kickstarter campaign will receive Partyaki as a thank you for contributing $250 to the effort. 

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The Partyaki is patent pending. 

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