SYOPTEK International Limited Launched One-Click Fiber Optic Cleaners and Other Essential Tools

SYOPTEK International Limited is a reputable manufacturer and dealer of fiber optic cabling and wiring essentials. The Hong Kong based manufacturer recently launched one-click cleaners and other fiber optic tools.

SYOPTEK International, a reputable manufacturer of fiber optic network components, recently launched a series of fiber optic tools that include fiber optic cleaners, one click cleaners and optical time-drawn reflectometers or OTDR. The owners claimed that all the tools they are now offering are made in compliance with the reliability and quality standards that are internationally accepted and followed. They also added that the fiber optic tools can perform optimally under extreme environmental conditions such as in high-temperature workshop environment.

One of the owners of SYOPTEK International recently invited the press to their Hong Kong headquarters to announce the launch of the new products. He maintained that all the recently launched fiber optic tools comply with the generic requirements most workers and industries closely follow.

“As far as measurement range, instrument resolution and accuracy is concerned, we can proudly claim that our one click cleaner and other industry-grade tools have no match in the current market,” the co-owner started his statement with a tall promise. “We take meticulous care while manufacturing tools and our years of industry experience help us in evaluating the needs of the industry. Fiber optic networking is growing as an industry and is subservient to many other big industries. We are happy to play a small role in the industry by providing fully compliant fiber optic tools to workers and businesses,” he added.

One senior marketing manager also fleshed out their pricing and marketing strategy. “We have kept the prices of OTDR and all other fiber optic tools at a competitive level because we know that the competition is very high in this market segment. Though we are offering superior-grade fiber optic tools, we want to make sure that we capture a large offshore market. There’s a steady demand for quality fiber optic tools in Europe and Asia and our job now is to meet the growing demand with high quality fiber optic tools,” the marketing manager told the press before the event came to a close.

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SYOPTEK International Limited is a Hong Kong based fiber optic network component manufacturer and seller with its sales offices spread all across.

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