Less Than Ten Percent of Americans Would Have Sex on Their “Perfect Day,” Study Shows

J. J. Robertson, “The Consumer Madam of Spend, Baby, Spend,” Reveals Consumers’ Secrets in New Book, Are You Buying This? What Americans Think About Money and Life From an Advertising Propagandist

LOS ANGELES, CA – 3 Mar, 2016 – When research guru J. J. Robertson asked thousands of Americans to visualize their perfect day, as part of “The American Meaning of Life Project” (a nationwide statistically significant study), the most-cited activity, mentioned by over 25 percent of respondents, was “being with family.” The following also featured highly: going outdoors, eating dinner, going to the beach, and watching TV. But what about having sex?

Less than 10 percent of Americans mentioned having sex on their “perfect day.” The fantasies of those who did, according to J. J. Robertson, varied from “getting steamy between the sheets with their spouse for longer than three minutes to red-hot flings where nipples would be expertly attended to, rather than ham-fistedly twiddled like dials on a cooker, a little to the right and they might turn on.”

But as J. J. Robertson went on to explain in her new book, Are You Buying This?, statistics on carnal desire are as unreliable as the pull-out method.” Perversely for a researcher, she considers this “a good thing.” “Because,” she explains, “If exact data on sexual desire existed, folks giving answers on the far sides of a distribution curve could feel further pressured by society to conform and perform according.”

However, Robertson, who’s headed advertising account-planning departments at award-winning U.S. advertising agencies, also states that, “For many Americans (particularly those with a specific dominant personality type), obliterating their laundry duties and other chores arguably rivals oysters as an aphrodisiac.” Because, as one of her respondents summed up, “On my perfect day, my husband and I would make passionate love and end up exhausted on freshly washed sheets smelling of lavender.”

Are You Buying This? is now available to buy on Amazon.

Acclaim for Are You Buying This?

Are You Buying This? drips with intelligent emotional data, allowing you to understand how American consumers tick. A must-read for anyone in marketing or advertising.”
— Derek Robson, Managing Partner, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

“J. J. Robertson is the consumer madam of spend, baby, spend. This voyeuristic book sheds light on the American psyche and advertising.”
— Kieran Hannon, CMO, Belkin International

About the book

In Are You Buying This? research guru J. J. Robertson takes us on a romp through the gray matter of American minds, as folks reveal their cherished dreams, secret pleasures, and daily frustrations. This entertaining, frank, and enlightening book contains answers to questions on what Americans covet (from kinky boots to cozy condos), how they feel about their careers, what makes their “perfect day,” their reactions to themselves when they look in the mirror, and the wisdom they live by.

About J. J. Robertson

J. J. Robertson, a.k.a., the Brain Sucker®, has headed account-planning departments at award-winning U.S. ad agencies. She’s presented research to Fortune 500 CEOs and has inspired top creative minds with her consumer insights. Robertson holds social science master’s degrees from UCLA and the University of Edinburgh. She lives in Virginia, where she excels as a tea drinker.




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