Tesla Scientific LLC Secured New Facility in Yuma AZ Extractohol can now Distribute Products more Efficiently

Tesla Scientific, Scottsdale, Arizona – “Extractohol” expresses its great pleasure that the company can now distribute its products more efficiently after Tesla Scientific LLC secured a new facility in Yuma AZ.

As Extractohol has been experiencing a difficulty in meeting the ever-growing demand for its products that are growing in popularity, the new facility secured by Tesla Scientific turns out to be highly lucrative for the Arizona-based organic alcohol producer.

This larger facility was a much-needed boost to the production and distribution of the best alcohol in America making sure there won’t be any supply-for-demand scarcity. Extractohol expects a seamless transition from its old facility to the new one, and pays its gratitude to its customers for their continuous support.

The Extractohol company was created with the aim to produce pure herbal extracts that could mitigate the obvious side-effects caused by the consumption of pharmaceutical drugs. Herbal extraction using Extractohol is the purest and most efficient means of extraction since it helps achieve maximum extraction with the least residue. The company strives to meet the growing demand for organic alcohol by producing more in quantity while keeping the price as low as anybody can easily afford. However, there won’t be any compromise on the quality of Extractohol products. Due to the highest degree of customer-friendliness the Extractohol is becoming the most popular brand in America.

To explore more about the company and their useful products visit their website: www.extractohol.com


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