Crave Mattress Announce March Madness Sale On Eco Friendly Mattresses

The Company with over 90 years of experience offers two choices of mattresses as opposed to other etailers who say one size fits all. The March mattress sale will see consumers save 15% off any mattress.

For people looking to replace a worn out mattress, Crave Mattress based in High Point, North Carolina has some exciting news. The mattress experts who sell their Eco-friendly mattresses online ( has announced they have launched a March Madness sale where they are offering 15% off any new mattress.

The sale will give people the chance to purchase a high-quality mattress at a much lower price, but a spokesman for Crave Mattress has warned, the sale is limited to March and after March, the prices will go back to normal. Through the March Madness mattress sale, consumers will be able to see that quality does not have to mean expensive. While other mattress retailers like to keep their prices high, Crave Mattress like to keep quality high and prices low.

Crave Mattress, who has over 90 years of experience in helping people have a great night’s sleep, offer a latex and memory foam mattress and also a plush innerspring hybrid both made from specialty bio-based foams and convoluted latex. The 12” Luxury Plush Innerspring Mattress is a hybrid mattress with pressure point support while 10” Luxury Firm Memory Foam mattress is a latex and foam mattress with conforming back support. These mattresses ( provide a person with a great night’s sleep instead of a broken night’s sleep due to an uncomfortable and worn out mattress.

A good night’s unbroken sleep is important for people’s health and wellbeing according to health experts. However, millions of people do not get a good night’s sleep due to an uncomfortable and old mattress. Sleep plays an important role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions. If a person is trying to lose weight and they have an unbroken sleep, then this can reduce the chances of them losing as much weight as they need to lose. That is why fitness experts always recommend their clients to get a good night’s sleep and purchase a new mattress if their old one is worn and tired.

The Crave Mattress sale gives consumers the chance to purchase a quality eco-friendly mattress that will give them a great night’s sleep without overspending on their budget.

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THE CRAVE MISSION – Giving customers the best night’s sleep is a concept that they take seriously. They buy directly from their suppliers – the spinners of yarn, the pourers of foam, the coilers of springs – and then they bargain hard to get the best price because every penny they save is a penny customers save.

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